General Introduction

Chapter 1: Alastair Small, Pots, Peoples and Places in Fourth Century Apulia

Chapter 2: Mario Lombardo, Iapygians: the Indigenous Populations of Ancient Apulia in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E.

Chapter 3: Didier Fontannaz, Production and Functions of Apulian  Red-Figure Pottery in Taras: New Contexts and Problems of Interpretation

Chapter 4: Francesca Silvestrelli, Red-Figure Vases from Metaponto: The Evidence from the Necropoleis Along the Coast Road

Chapter 5: Martine Denoyelle, Hands at Work in Magna Graecia: The Amykos Painter and his Workshop

Ada Riccardi, Apulian and Lucanian Pottery from Costal Peucetian Contexts

Chapter 7: Angela Ciancio, The Diffusion of Middle and Late Apulian Vases in Peucetian Funerary Contexts: a Comparison of Several Necropoleis

Chapter 8: Marissa Corrente, Red-Figure Vases in Fourth Century B.C.E. Canosa: Images, Assemblages, and the Creation of a Social Hierarchy

Chapter 9: Maria Teresa Giannotta, Apulian Pottery in Messapian Contexts

Chapter 10: Fabio Colivicchi, "Native" Vase Shapes in Southern Italian Red-Figure Pottery

Chapter 11: E.G.D.Robinson, Archaeometric Analysis of Apulian and LucanianRed-Figure Pottery

Chapter 12: T. H. Carpenter, A Case for Greek Tragedy in Fourth Century B.C.E. Apulia

Chapter 13: Maria Emilia Masci, Apulian and Lucanian Red-Figure Pottery in 18th Century Collections

PIXE-PIGME Vases: List of vases in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney analyzed and discussed in Chapter 11, E.G.D. Robinson, "Archaeometric Analysis of Apulian and Lucanian Red-Figure Pottery."