Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia)
Sebastian Heath and Billur Tekkök, Editors
Please note that this is a public draft of work in progress.
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Visual Table of Contents
Geo to Archaic Fineware

Geo to Archaic Gray
G2/3 Ware
Attic Red-Figure
Panathenaic Amphoras
Attic Black-Glaze
Cl to Hell Fineware "Pale Porus"
Hell Moldmade Bowls
Hell Westslope
Hell to Roman Gray
Italian Sigillata
Eastern Sigillata A
Eastern Sigillata B
Eastern Sigillata C
Pontic Sigillata
Various Sigillata
African Red-Slip
Phocaean Red-Slip
LR West Asia Minor Fineware
"Knidian" Moldmade
Roman Lead Glazed
Early Roman Thin-wall Roman-period Cups/Jugs "Pompeian-red"
Roman Utilitarian Vessels Roman Cookware LR Cookware
Wheelmade Lamps
Moldmade Lamps
Archaic to Hell Amphoras
Roman Amphoras
Byzantine Glazed
Project Troia, the joint University of Cincinnati and University of Tuebingen excavations at Ilion, as the site was known in the Greek and Roman periods, has cataloged a great variety of ceramic finds. This digital publication is a guide to the Greek through Byzantine ceramics found at the site. It consists of catalogs that illustrate items from the Geometric through Byzantine periods, including decorated finewares, slipped tablewares, utilitarian vessels and lamps and transport amphoras. By date, the material spans from the early Iron Age in the tenth century BC to the late fifteenth century AD, when a small Byzantine settlement was finally abandoned. The largest gap is from the early seventh through thirteenth centuries, when the city lay largely abandoned following decline that set in after an early sixth century earthquake. As material is added, the catalogs will become a comprehensive resource for the study of pottery from Ilion. When available, high-resolution images and profile drawings accompany catalog entries. Bibliographic links appear in the text and at the bottom of many of the catalogs. Likewise, when an online version of a cited resource is available, a direct link is provided. In general, our goal is to offer readers the same visual documentation that is stored in the project archives.
For a preliminary publication of numismatic finds, see Coins from Ilion (Troia).
In addition to entries prepared by the editors, work by Dr. Andrea Berlin, Dr. Carolyn Chabot Aslan, Dr. John Hayes, Dr. Ekin Kozal, Dr. Mark Lawall, Dr. Kathleen Lynch, Dr. Susan McMullen Fisher, Kathleen Quinn, M.A., and John Wallrodt, M.A. is cited or included in the current catalogs. Profile drawings are the work of Laura Ament, Emily Egan, Christina Kolb, Cathy Pack, and Rosemary Robertson, among others. Dr. Gebhard Bieg and Richard Bullard took many of the photographs, with most scanning done by John Wallrodt. As entries are added, this list of names will grow.
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The editors and contributors are grateful to the late Prof. Dr. Manfred Korfmann, Prof. Dr. Ernst Pernicka, and Prof. Dr. C. Brian Rose for permission to publish this material. Server space for the on-line version is provided by the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati.
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