Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia):
Sebastian Heath and Billur Tekkök, Editors
“Pale Porous” Ware
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The term “pale porous” refers to a distinctive group of service vessels with parallels in Achaemenid stone basins. Examples are present in the D09 fourth-century ritual deposit and are discussed by Berlin (2002:139-140). Bieg (2006:35) gives a summary of additional finds in the Troad.
1. Pale Porous Basin
D09.2376:1. SC21-1p. Single base sherd, discolored by ash on underside.
Cf. Berlin 2002 no. 157.
General Bibliography
Berlin, Andrea. 2002. “Ilion before Alexander: A Fourth Century B.C. Ritual Deposit,” Studia Troica 12: 131-166.
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