Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia):
Sebastian Heath and Billur Tekkök, Editors
G2/3 Ware
Please note that this is a public draft of work in progress
“G2/3” is an archaic fine ware named for the area of the site in which it was found in the greatest quantity. This term came into regular usage during the University of Cincinnati expedition of the 1930s. McMullen (1996) reviews the history of the ware and provides a catalog that supplements earlier studies. Aslan (2002) catalogs stratified material from D9.
1. G2/3 Ware Cup or Bowl (700-675 BC)
Est. diam. rim .164.
D09.1802:1. SC01-2a. Single rim sherd. Cup or bowl with everted rim. Reddish yellow (5YR 6/6) fabric. Reddish yellow (7.5YR 7/6) slip. Painted motifs are dark brown (7.5YR 3/3). Monochrome glazed interior. Rim edge glazed. Thin right-facing step pattern below rim, bounded above and below with thin horizontal bands.
First published as McMullen Fisher 1996 no. 9, with further references.
2. G2/3 Ware Open Vessel (700-675 BC)
E09.0075:2. SC01-2f. Single sherd. Large carinated open form. Light red fabric (2.5YR 6/6). Slip is light reddish brown (5YR 6/4), painted bands are red (2.5YR 5/8). Monochrome glaze interior. Right facing step pattern above body carination. Immediately below carination are two parallel horizontal bands, the lower of which has a spiral hook preserved onthe right side.
First published as McMullen Fisher 1996 no. 13, with further references.
3. G2/3 Ware Jug (700-675 BC)
z07.0106:10. SC01-2c. Single sherd. Jug handle. Light red (2.5YR 6/8) fabric. Reddish yellow (7.5YR 6/6) slip. Painted motifs are red (2.5YR 4/6). Thick band of glaze at handle top where it joins the rim. An "X" below this and then a single vertical stroke running down the handle concavity.
First published as McMullen Fisher 1996 no. 15, with further references.
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