Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia):
Sebastian Heath and Billur Tekkök, Editors
Hellenistic West Slope Decoration Vessels
Please note that this is a public draft of work in progress
The term "West Slope Decoration" refers to the technique of overpainting vegetal motifs in white or beige paint on black-glaze vessels used in serving and drinking wine. Incision was also used. The technique developed in Athens in the late fourth century BC and was widely adopted in the Aegean area (Agora XXIX :38-71). Such vessels appear at Troy from the late fourth century, with supply coming from regional workshops (Berlin 1999:104).
1. West Slope Style Cup (Hellenistic)
P. H. .081. Est. diam. rim .12 (1/3 preserved). Th. .0027.
D09.0147:1. SC04-4i. West slope style kantharos. Spool handle. Black slip. Incised lines below rim and below handle, schematic floral(?) pattern in between.
2. Westslope Style Kantharos Rim (Hellenistic)
P. H. .041. Est. diam. rim .8 (1/6 preserved). Th. .0025.
I17.0083:1. SC04-2a. Single sherd. Black slip. Garland with white ribbon and pink leaves partially extant.
Samothrace Karadima 1994, 198, fig. 3.
3. Pergamene Westslope Style Kantharos Rim (Hellenistic)
P. H. .084. Est. diam. rim .13 (1/12 preserved). Th. .006.
D09.0097:5. SC04-2c. Single sherd. Incised line lines below rim, white garland in between. Ribbon in white and pink below. Incised line below.
Schäfer PF2, 49, D55, pl. 14.
4. Pergamene Westslope Style Kantharos Rim (Hellenistic)
P. H. .086. Est. diam. rim .135 (1/6 preserved). Th. .0041.
D09.1494:5. SC04-4e. Single sherd. Red slip. Pair of incisions above and below white dots under rim. Hanging fillets with white and natural clay.
Schäfer PF2, D63,49, pl. 16 (form only).
5. Westslope Style Lagynos Body (Late 2nd Century BC)
Est. diam. .22.Th. .006.
A08/09.0064:46. SC04-4q. Four joining sherds. Red slip. Band of palm fronds in white. White band over and between incised lines near outer edge. Fired darker towards edge. Large void on surface to extant left.
Schäfer, PF2, D18, 47, pl. 12 (for the decoration), 150-100 B. C.
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