Headshot of Barbara L Burrell

Barbara L Burrell

Associate Professor

501 Blegen Library



Barbara Burrell is a Roman archaeologist who has dug at sites across the Mediterranean, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. It may have been this diversity that has led to her being chosen as editor of the forthcoming Blackwell's...
Headshot of Anna Danielle Giboney Conser

Anna Danielle Giboney Conser

Assistant Professor

301 Blegen Library



Anna Conser (PhD, Columbia 2021) is a philologist specializing in Greek literature.  Her current research focusses on ancient music and performance, Greek drama and lyric poetry, and the digital processing of ancient texts.  As part of her first book...
Headshot of Jack L. Davis

Jack L. Davis


305 Blegen Library



Jack L. Davis is Carl W. Blegen Professor of Greek Archaeology. In 1993 he came to the University of Cincinnati from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he had taught since 1977. In Greece Professor Davis has directed archaeological...
Headshot of Steven  Ellis

Steven Ellis

Associate Professor

502 Blegen Library



Steven Ellis (PhD Sydney, 2005) is a Roman archaeologist whose research activities and publications spring from his interests in ancient cities and urban life.  He has conducted fieldwork principally throughout Italy and Greece, but with other field...
Headshot of Florence  Gaignerot-Driessen

Florence Gaignerot-Driessen

Assistant Professor

Blegen Library



Florence Gaignerot-Driessen (PhD Paris-Sorbonne, 2013) is an archaeologist specializing in the Aegean world during the Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age and Archaic period. Her current research interest focuses on state and social group formation and...
Headshot of Eleni  Hatzaki

Eleni Hatzaki

Associate Professor

311B Blegen Library


Eleni Hatzaki is an Aegean Prehistorian working on Crete with research interests in the archaeology of Prehistoric Knossos, ceramic production and consumption, burial customs and society, site formation processes, and household archaeology. She...
Headshot of Caitlin Olson Hines

Caitlin Olson Hines

Assistant Professor (she/her/hers) Affiliate Faculty in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

599B Blegen Library



Caitlin Hines (PhD, University of Toronto 2018) is a philologist specializing in Latin and Greek poetry, particularly the works of Vergil and Ovid, and is Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her research...
Headshot of Danielle  L Kellogg

Danielle L Kellogg

Associate Professor (she/her)

311B Blegen Library



Danielle Kellogg's research focuses on the political history and epigraphy of rural Attica, the territory of Athens. Her monograph, Marathon Fighters and Men of Maple, examined the history and identity of Acharnai, the largest of the Athenian...
Headshot of Dylan MacMurphy Kenny

Dylan MacMurphy Kenny

Asst Professor (he/him)

Blegen Library



Dylan Kenny (PhD, UC Berkeley, 2023) is a philologist specializing in Greek literature and philosophy. His current project situates the lyric poet Pindar against the horizon of the intellectual and social transformations of the fifth century BCE.
Headshot of Marion W Kruse

Marion W Kruse

Associate Professor

220 Blegen Library



I am a Roman historian with a broad interest in ancient history and historiography, in particular the historiography of late antiquity. My early work focused on the reign of the emperor Justinian (r. 527-565 AD) and the preeminent historian of his...
Headshot of Kathleen M. Lynch

Kathleen M. Lynch


599A Blegen Library



Kathleen is a Classical Archaeologist who has worked on sites in Italy, Greece, Albania, and Turkey. In particular, she is a ceramic specialist interested in Athenian figured wares from archaeological contexts. Her research currently spans a number of...
Headshot of Daniel  Markovich

Daniel Markovich

Professor, Department Head

209 Blegen Library



Daniel Markovich is a philologist with a broad interest in Greek and Latin rhetoric, philosophy, and poetry, and the ways in which these three types of discourse shape ancient educational texts. He has published on Lucretius (including the...
Headshot of Susan H. Prince

Susan H. Prince

Associate Professor

599C Blegen Library



Susan Prince's research interests are in the history of ancient Greek thought and literature, especially the Socratic traditions. Her primary projects are on Antisthenes and the ancient Cynics. Her teaching interests cover Greek and Roman...
Headshot of Calloway Brewster Scott

Calloway Brewster Scott

Assistant Professor

Blegen Library



Calloway Scott (PhD, NYU 2017) is a historian of ancient Greece. His research is informed by an interest in the entanglements of science and society. Inspired by turns in medical history and medical anthropology, his current book-project examines...
Headshot of Kelly Elizabeth Shannon-Henderson

Kelly Elizabeth Shannon-Henderson

Associate Professor (she her)

310 Blegen Library



Kelly Shannon-Henderson's research focuses on prose literature, both Greek and Latin, of the Imperial period, particularly the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Her monograph, Religion and Memory in Tacitus’ Annals, examines religious material in the Annals using...
Headshot of Peter  Van Minnen

Peter Van Minnen


311A Blegen Library



Peter van Minnen (PhD 1997) is an ancient historian broadly interested in the society, economy, and culture of the Roman Empire, including Early Christianity and Late Antiquity. He is an authority on papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt and made world...
Headshot of Matthijs   Wibier

Matthijs   Wibier

Assistant Professor (he/his)

Blegen Library



My research interests lie in the political, social, and intellectual culture of the Roman Empire (with forays into Late Antiquity). I am fascinated by how texts and information circulated and what people did with them. I am equally interested in...

Rawson Visiting Scholars

Headshot of Thomas  Carpenter

Thomas Carpenter

Rawson Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Thomas H. Carpenter is Distinguished Professor of Classics, Emeritus at Ohio University, where he taught from 1997- 2018. At OU, as the Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities, he was Director of the Ping Institute for the Teaching of the...
Headshot of Jan  Driessen

Jan Driessen

Rawson Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Jan Driessen has an MA in Archaeology and one in Ancient History, both from the University of Leuven, where he also defended his PhD. He is emeritus professor of Greek Archaeology of the UCLouvain and is honorary director of the Belgian School at...
Headshot of Lynne C. Lancaster

Lynne C. Lancaster

Rawson Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Lynne Lancaster is an archaeologist specializing ancient Roman construction and technology. She studied architecture at Virginia Tech where she received her B.Arch. She then earned an M.Phil. and D.Phil. at Oxford University in Classical...

Research Associates

Headshot of Carol R. Hershenson

Carol R. Hershenson

Junior Research Associate

203 Blegen Library



My B.A. (University of Chicago) was in Linguistics, a perspective which informs my teaching of introductory and intermediate Greek and Latin. I have spoken extensively on diachronic continuities of syntax in Minoan vernacular architecture (the...
Headshot of Jeffrey L. Kramer

Jeffrey L. Kramer

Junior Research Associate

319 Blegen Library



Jeff holds an M.A. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Arizona and a Ph.D. in Bronze Age Archaeology from the University of Cincinnati. His archival research interests focus on daily life in historical excavations, especially UC's...
Headshot of Sharon R. Stocker

Sharon R. Stocker

Senior Research Associate

Blegen Library



Sharon is a professional archaeologist who has participated in excavations in Greece and Albania.  She directs the publications program for UC excavations at the Palace of Nestor in Greece.  She has served as co-director of archaeological surveys in...
Headshot of John  Wallrodt

John Wallrodt

Senior Research Associate

317 Blegen Library



John has worked in Israel, Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Albania in all aspects of archaeological fieldwork. Following his interest in spatial analysis, and in order to make sense of it all, he turned to computers. Within the department, he helps...

Affiliate Faculty

Headshot of Susan E Allen

Susan E Allen

Associate Professor, Department Head, NAGPRA Director

458 Braunstein Hall



Affiliate Faculty, Department of Classics
Affiliate Faculty, Environmental Studies
Affiliate Faculty, European Studies

Dr. Allen's current research collaborations investigate the role of agriculture and climate change in the emergence of social...
Headshot of Ari B Finkelstein

Ari B Finkelstein

Associate Professor, Judaic Studies

3510 French Hall



Professor Finkelstein is a historian of Jews and Judaism in the Greco-Roman world. His main research focuses on the use and function of Jews and Judaism in the works of Christians and pagans in Late Antiquity. His current book project,...

Emeritus Faculty

Headshot of Kathryn J Gutzwiller

Kathryn J Gutzwiller

Professor, emerita

Blegen Library



Kathryn Gutzwiller holds an M.A. in Latin from Bryn Mawr College and a Ph.D. in classics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her interests include Greek and Latin poetry, ancient gender studies, literary theory, and the interaction between...
Headshot of Ann N Michelini

Ann N Michelini

Professor, emerita


Professor Emerita Ann N. Michelini works in the areas of tragic drama and Platonic studies. She is the author of two books on tragic drama, including Euripides and the Tragic Tradition. She is also the author of an edited volume, Plato as Author:...
Headshot of Michael Martin Sage

Michael Martin Sage

Professor, emeritus


At present I am engaged on a source book on Roman warfare to serve as a companion to a Greek one published in 1996. It will contain introductory general essays, essays on specific topics as well as translations of relevant passages. The period...
Headshot of Gisela  Walberg

Gisela Walberg

Professor, emerita


Gisela Walberg is the Marion Rawson Professor of Aegean Prehistory at the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. Before moving to Cincinnati, she taught for two years at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of...


Headshot of Joe  Katenkamp

Joe Katenkamp

Financial Administrator

410 Blegen Library



Joe is originally from Cincinnati. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where he received his B.A. in Communications. After graduating he moved to Los Angeles and started his career. In 2001 he moved back to Cincinnati to raise a...
Headshot of Charlie J. Kocurek

Charlie J. Kocurek

Program Coordinator




Headshot of Sarah Wenner Wenner

Sarah Wenner Wenner

Asst Professor - Adj

Blegen Library



Sarah is a Ph.D. candidate in Classical Archaeology.  She received her BA in Anthropology and Economics from Albion College in 2010 and her MA in Ancient History from North Carolina State University in 2015. She has worked at many sites in Jordan, at...

Visiting Scholars

Headshot of Caleb  Dance

Caleb Dance

Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Caleb Dance is a Tytus Fellow from Washington and Lee working on his project: Ovid's Amores Book 3 - Commentary and Speculative Genetic Edition
Headshot of Valeria  Meirano

Valeria Meirano

Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Valeria Meirano is a Tytus Fellow from Torino Italy working on her project: Contextualizing metal objects at Delphi. A contribution to the understanding of offering and ritual practices in the panhellenic sanctuary
Headshot of Maria  Spathi

Maria Spathi

Visiting Scholar

Blegen Library



Maria Spathi from the Centero for Hellenic Studies is a Tytus Fellow working on her project: The Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatis in ancient Messene, south-west Peloponnese A contribution to the religious topography of the city