The presentations for the 2020/2021 academic year are now available.

Our wildly popular, award-winning Outreach Program offers you engaging and ‘behind-the-scenes’ workshops about the ancient world. These interactive, audience-centered presentations are entirely free to you as part of our department's commitment to our community partners. The topics that we offer draw on a broad range of subjects, and we hope at least one will complement your group or school’s interests. Our goal is to increase our community’s understanding of life in the ancient world, to foster awareness of Cincinnati’s extraordinary contribution to unlocking the ancient past, and to share our enthusiasm for teaching about antiquity.

ALL PRESENTATIONS WILL BE VIRTUAL. We look forward to offering you live, “in-person” virtual presentations on a topic of your choice, OR we can pre-record a customized presentation tailored to your learning objectives that you can assign to students at any time. Please specify on the request form whether you would like a live, “in-person” presentation or customized pre-recorded presentation.

All topics can be modified to meet your own needs or interests and all are flexible in terms of time length and age group. With enough lead time we can also develop custom presentations - just ask! When you see a topic that sounds good, please fill out our online presentation order form with your preferred dates, topics, and indicate your preference for virtual “in-person” or pre-recorded format. UC’s semester system means that we will have presenters available from now through early May 2021.

In the 10 years that our Outreach program has been active, we have reached over 20,000 members of the Cincinnati community. We hope that you'll join the UCClassics Outreach family as we look to our next 10 years!

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