Geometric and Archaic Sanctuaries in the Northern Peloponnese

On 5-6 November 2020 an online symposium entitled Interpreting the Pottery Record from Geometric and Archaic Sanctuaries in the Northern Peloponnese: Cult and Votive Practices, Provenance, and Production Methods will be hosted in Vienna (CET) by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Registration is available at; further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
W. Gauß and F. Ruppenstein, “New research at the Geometric and Archaic sanctuary at the Acropolis of Aigeira”
M. Petropoulos and K. Aktypi, “Artemis Aontia: a Geometric sanctuary in the heart of Achaea and its relations with other regions”
E.-I. Kolia, “Presentation of the stratigraphy of the early Iron Age sanctuary of Poseidon Heliconius in Achaea”
A. Gadolou, “Interpreting the pottery record from the early Iron Age sanctuary of Poseidon Heliconius of Ancient Helike in Achaea: cult and votive practices before the construction of the apsidal temple”
G. Alexopoulou, “‘Traced via their gifts’. Cults in the ancient region of Kalavryta as suggested by votive offerings”
G. Ladstätter and N. Voß, “Ancient Lousoi in the Geometric and the early Archaic period: topography, architecture and stratigraphy”
N. Voß, “Cult and votive practices at Geometric and Archaic Lousoi: analysing ceramic assemblages from the sanctuary of Artemis Hemera and from the town centre”
C. Morgan, “Thirty years on: progress and prospects in the study of ceramic assemblages from Greek sanctuaries”
P. Fragnoli, “Compositional and technological characterization of Geometric and Archaic pottery from the sanctuary of Artemis Hemera in Lousoi”
V. Vlachou, “Pottery and the Hyakinthia festival. Interpreting the pottery deposits from the Spartan Amyklaion”


Empire and excavation

On 6-7 November 2020 a conference entitled Empire and excavation: critical perspectives on archaeology in British-period Cyprus, 1878-1960 will be held online, hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus (EET) by the British Museum and Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI). Registration is available at; further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
M. Given, “Surveillance, Survey and Local Knowledge: Landscape relations in late 19th-century Cypriot archaeology”
S. Diakou, “Law and archaeology in British-period Cyprus: the case of Lapithos”
P. Nikolaou, “The Ancient Cyprus Collection at the British Museum: retracing stories of travelling antiquities, knowledge and empire”
J. Desplat, “Excavating in the Empire — and in the Archives. Archaeology in Cyprus in British Governmental Records”
S. Schmid, “Was there an official German interest in the archaeology of Cyprus between 1878 and 1914?”
S. Irving, “Archaeological entanglements: Palestinian refugee archaeologists in Cyprus, Libya and Jordan”
P. Theofanous, M. Volikou, and D. Pilides, “Diving into the Past: Archival Research Results of the Cyprus Coastal Assessment Project and the History of the First Underwater Archaeological Explorations in Cyprus”
B. Knapp, “Prehistoric Archaeology in the Republic of Cyprus: The First Sixty Years”
R. Marshall, “Archaeology in early twentieth-century Cyprus: Imperialism, Hellenism, and the Eteocypriots”
J. Smith, “Excavation and Archaeologists at Marion in the British Colonial Period”



On 20-21 November 2020 a conference for young researchers entitled Maritime Archaeology Research Exchange (MARE) will be held in Hamburg. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
W. Held, “The coasts of the Karian Chersonesos from the Bronze Age to the Roman Imperioa period. First results of a new Turkish-German cooperation project”
N. Köknar, “Late Bronze Age Burials in the Western Anatolian Coast and Sea Trade and Cultural Connections with Mycenaeans”
E. Loizou, “The harboursides as key-sites for understanding the networks in the Aegean Prehistory”


Potter’s Wheel

On 24-27 November 2020 a virtual conference entitled Archaeological Approaches to the Study of the Potter’s Wheel will be hosted by the University of Hradec Králové (CEST). Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
A. Cercone, “Examining Variability in Anatolian Early Bronze Age Hand-Made and Wheel-Made Pottery”
M. Choleva, “The potter’s wheel as cultural practice in the prehistoric Aegean”
A. Balitsari, “Different shades of Gray Minyan: dissecting an ‘iconic’ ceramic class of Middle Bronze Age, mainland Greece”
S. Prillwitz, “Is there only one type of potter’s wheel in Late Bronze Age Greece?”
X. Charalambidou, “Wheel rotation on Early Iron Age and Archaic Naxian coarse wares: their context and evolution”


On 8-9 October 2020 the conference 6th ARCH_RNT Symposium - Archaeological Research and New Technologies was held in Kalamata. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:
C. Papadopoulos and J. D. Irish, “Exploring biological affinities in Bronze Age Pylos”
M. Kaparou and A. Oikonomou, “Glass technology from the Mycenaeans to the 1st millennium BC: Continuity or change?”
Ν. Κ. Κλαδούρη, Α. Γ. Καρύδας, Β. Ορφανού, Β. Κανταρέλου, and Ν. Ζαχαριάς, “Η εφαρμογή της φασματοσκοπίας φθορισμού με μικροδέσμη ακτίνων Χ (micro-XRF) στη μελέτη των μεταλλικών τέχνεργων τεσσάρων ιερών της Τεγεάτιδας (10ος -7ος αιώνας π.Χ.)”
V. Valantou, N. Zacharias, V. Aravantinos, and I. Fappas, “Petrographic analysis of pottery samples from Mycenaean Thebes”

The October 2020 issue of Nestor (47.7) is available as a free download.

EAA AM 2021

On 12 November 2020 proposals for sessions are due for the 27th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists: Widening Horizons (EAA AM 2021), to be held in Kiel, Germany on 8-11 September 2021. From 16 December 2020 until 11 February 2021 paper and poster abstract submission will be open; on 22 April 2021 registration and payment is due from presenters. Further information and forms are available at The meeting will consist of sessions, round tables, and poster presentations focusing on the following main themes:
Widening horizons through human-environment interconnections
Pandemics and climate change: responses to global challenges
The new normality of heritage management and museums in post-Covid times
Globalisation and archaeology
Assembling archaeological theory and the archaeological sciences
Material culture studies and societies
From global to local: Baltic-Pontic studies


‘Modern’ Women of the Past?

On 30 November 2020 abstracts (200 words maximum for papers of 15 minutes length) are due for an online conference entitled ‘Modern’ Women of the Past? Unearthing Gender and Antiquity, to be on 5-6 March 2021, hosted by the AAIA, CCANESA, AWAWS, CCWM and the University of Sydney Departments of Archaeology and Classics & Ancient History. Further information is available at


DIG 2021

On 15 January 2021 abstracts (300 words maximum) are due for the 9th Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference (DIG 2021), to be held on 17-21 September 2021 at the University of Algarve in Faro, Portugal either in-person or virtually. Further information is available at



On 31 January 2021 abstracts (300 words maximum) are due for the 16th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 16). Sailing Through History: Reading the Past – Imagining the Future, to be held on 26 September – 1 October 2021 in Zadar, Croatia. Further information is available at

54th Public Lecture Series

The Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus has announced the following schedule of lectures for the 54th Public Lecture Series during autumn 2020; all will held virtually via Zoom at 7:30 pm (EET). Registration is required for access to the Zoom lecture at Further information is available at Lectures of interest to Nestor readers will include:
5 October 2020: D. Pilides, “Inland Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age: Survey and excavations in the region of Agios Sozomenos”
19 October 2020: L. Crewe, “The changing nature of occupation at Bronze Age Kissonerga-Skalia”
16 November 2020: C. Morris, “Minoans reimagined: From ancient images to multiple modern ‘lives’”
23 November 2020: I. Nikolakopoulou, “Thera and the Aegean world in the Middle Bronze Age”
30 November 2020: M. Choleva, “Η ιστορία μιας καινοτομίας: Μαθαίνοντας τον κεραμικό τροχό στο Αιγαίο της 3ης χιλιετίας”
7 December 2020: S. Vakirtzi, “Textile Archaeology and the investigation of the 4th to 3rd mill. BC transition: A textile craft-based approach to an early stage of Aegean prehistory”


Mycenaean Seminars

The University of London School of Advanced Study, Institute of Classical Studies has announced the following schedule of Mycenaean Seminars for 2020-2021. From October through January, the lectures will be held online; from February through May, the lectures are scheduled to take place in the Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Further information is available at
The first four seminars will take place online via Zoom. Each seminar will be set up as a separate meeting on Zoom with a unique link, ID and password. It will be necessary for all attendees to register in advance by visiting the ICS events web page which lists all events in date order and clicking on the ‘Book now’ button for the Seminar you are interested in. An email will be sent to each person booking with joining details for the event on Zoom. It is not necessary to download the Zoom application or to have a Zoom account to participate in the seminar. Clicking on the event link will bring up a prompt to open the Zoom application or to join by clicking on ‘start from your browser’. If you encounter any issues, please contact Valerie James: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To book a place for our first seminar, please follow the link: We look forward to seeing you!
14 October 2020: J. Mokrisova, “Crossing Borders, Re-thinking Paradigms: Aegean-Anatolian Interactions in the Late Bronze Age” (online)
11 November 2020: N. Papadimitriou, “From Wessex to Mycenae via l’Armorique? An old question under the light of goldworking technologies” (online)
2 December 2020: V. Isaakidou, “Of animals and humans on prehistoric Crete: interdisciplinary approaches to animal exploitation” (online)
13 January 2021: C. Palyvou, “‘Great Expectations’. What can architecture tell us about the past?”
10 February 2021: T. Brogan, “Purple Production on Chryssi Island in the Bronze Age”
10 March 2021: R. Orgeolet, “Layers of memory. 2009-2019: Ten years of excavations and research at Kirrha (Phocis, Greece)”
12 May 2021: S. R. Stocker and J. L. Davis, “Tales from Nestor’s Crypt: Pylos 2015-2020”


Archaeological Science Methods

On 12-14 October 2020 a workshop entitled Archaeological Science Methods in the Field and in the Laboratory: What, How, and Why will be held by the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) at the Cyprus Institute together with the University of Cambridge and KU Leuven to advance Archaeological Science research in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME). The workshop can be attended as an online event or in person after expression of interest subject to limitations in place regarding COVID-19; for in-person attendance, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Further information and links to the online platforms are available at


Sixty Years of Exploring Prehistoric Kea

On 22 October 2020 a webinar entitled Sixty Years of Exploring Prehistoric Kea: A celebration of John L. Caskey’s excavations at Ayia Irini will be held at noon EST, 7:00 P.M. Athens time. Presenters will include Jenifer Neils, Jack Davis, Miriam Caskey, Lyvia Morgan, Natalie Abell, and Kostantinos Tzortzinis. Further information and a registration form is available at

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