Semple Scholarships

Through the generosity of Louise Taft Semple, the Department of Classics is able to offer a number of Semple Scholarships to superior students who are enrolled in Latin or Greek at the 3000 level or above. The scholarships cover tuition at the University of Cincinnati and are available to incoming and current students.

Incoming Students

(1)  Incoming students must send a separate letter of intent and statement of purpose to the Department of Classics in application for a Semple scholarship. The Semple application must be postmarked by January 27.

(2) Candidates must arrange to have three teachers who know their work well send letters of recommendation directly to the Department of Classics. Letters must be postmarked by January 27.

(3) A Latin diagnostic examination will be administered to each applicant. After receipt of letters of application and recommendations, the Department of Classics will notify each applicant of the time and place for this examination. Normally it will be given at the University in February. Other arrangements can be made to accommodate candidates who live outside the Cincinnati area. If it will be a hardship to take the test at the announced time and place, please contact the Classics Program Coordinator at (513-556-3050) as soon as possible.

University of Cincinnati Undergraduates

(1) Current UC undergraduates should submit a letter of application and statement of purpose by January 27.

(2) Candidates should request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who has taught them or is teaching them in a Latin or Greek course at the 3000 level or above.

All application materials should be sent to:
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Classics
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210226
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0226
Telephone 513-556-3050
Fax 513-556-4366

Recipients will be notified of their awards on or about March 10. The award of a Semple Scholarship in no way affects the recipient's right to apply for other scholarship aid offered by the University.

The scholarships may be held by freshmen or sophomores who are not majors in the department, but in the junior and senior years only departmental majors are eligible to hold Semple Scholarships. The scholarship may not be held for more than four years.

To remain in good standing, Semple Scholars must be fulltime students at the University, enroll in at least one regularly scheduled Latin course or one regularly scheduled Greek course at the 3000 level or above each semester, earn a "B" or better in each Latin or Greek course taken, and maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average. Independent study in Latin or Greek may not be substituted for regularly scheduled Latin or Greek courses except in unusual circumstances at the discretion of the undergraduate director. A student who fails to register for one of the appropriate Latin or Greek courses as specified above or to attend such a course or who drops below fulltime status will be immediately terminated as as Semple Scholar. A student who falls short of the grade requirements in any given semester will be placed on probation for the following semester, and terminated thereafter if the grade requirements are not met. A student who is not making suitable progress towards graduation with a Classics major within four years may have the Semple Scholarship revoked.

Traveling Scholarship

Semple Traveling Scholarship may be awarded to one recipient of the regular Semple Scholarships each year. This scholarship will help cover tuition in a foreign study program for a period not to exceed one academic year. Interested students should make application to the department by March 1 of the preceding academic year. The scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis, although the department may choose not to make the award in any given year.

Undergraduate Prizes

Each spring semester the Department of Classics offers the following undergraduate prizes:

Junior Latin Prize. A translation prize for those who have not taken more than two 3000 level courses in Latin.

Senior Latin Prize. A translation prize for those who have taken more than two 3000 level courses in Latin.

Junior Greek Prize. A translation prize for those who have not taken more than two 3000 level courses in Greek.

Senior Greek Prize. A translation prize for those who have taken more than two 3000 level courses in Greek.

Classical Civilization Prize. A prize for the best paper of 6 pages or more written in a departmental course. Instructors may nominate no more than five papers from each class.

Capstone Prize. A prize for the best Capstone project. This prize will be awarded for an exceptional project, not necessarily every year.

The prizes will be awarded on an annual basis, and the award will be $100 or a book on classical antiquity. The awards will be given out at a reception for undergraduate majors and faculty.