Sir Arthur Evans Archive Linear B Images

The Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford has recently launched a website on the "Sir Arthur Evans Archive" providing a first, basic, overview of its holdings ( Although not to item level, the website is a welcome addition and promises to be a very useful tool for Aegean Archaeology (especially for those interested in Minoan archaeology and its history). The website is based on the work of Dr Yannis Galanakis (formerly the curator for the Bronze Age Aegean collections and the Sir Arthur Evans archive at the Ashmolean and currently Lecturer in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Cambridge). One of the innovations of the website, instigated by Dr Galanakis in collaboration with Oxford's RTI team (Dr Jacob Dahl, Klaus Wagensonner and Nicholas Reid), is the digitization of the museum's small, but representative, Linear B collection from Knossos. The technology applied (RTI: Reflectance Transformation Imaging) allows for the best possible reading of these tablets online as it were under a completely new light:

With the RTIViewer (free to download - following instructions in the webpage given above), you can access the Linear B photographs by cutting and pasting the url into the application (using the globe and folder icon to the right of the main screen of the RTIViewer). The images can be enlarged to magnificent effect and the lighting changed to make readings clearer and to see fingerprints and erasures. This resource should prove extremely useful for teaching and this form of visualisation may pave the way for future research in the field. For comments on the web site please contact the Ashmolean's webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The November 2012 issue of Nestor is now available as a free download.

Ceramic perspectives on connectivity

On 30 November 2012 abstracts (250 words maximum) are due for a conference entitled Island, mainland, coastland & hinterland: ceramic perspectives on connectivity in the ancient Mediterranean, to be held at the University of Amsterdam on 1-2 February 2013. Abstracts should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Further information and registration forms are available at Theoretically informed papers embracing (but not restricted to) the following themes are invited:

The relationship between geographical setting, ceramic assemblages and degree of connectivity between different communities

The role geographical and/or socio-political entities such as 'hinterland' or 'colony' play in interpreting ceramic assemblages

How can we interpret stylistic or technological ceramic 'hybrids' with respect to the movement of people, artefacts and ideas?

Can we identify in the ceramic record deliberate participation within or rejection/resistance to wider socio-cultural phenomena?

ASOR 2013

On 15 December 2012 member-organized session proposals are due for the American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meetings (ASOR 2013), to be held in Baltimore, MD on 20-23 November 2013. On 15 February 2013, or 1 March with an administrative fee, abstract submissions are due. On 15 August 2013 messages of intention are due for participation in the Projects on Parade poster session. Further information and all forms are available at

TAG-Turkey Meeting

On 1 February 2013 titles and abstracts (150 words maximum) are due for the Theoretical Archaeology Group - Turkey (TAG-Turkey Meeting), to be held at Ege University, Izmir on 9-10 May 2013. Papers can be presented in Turkish or English. Titles and abstracts should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Suggested themes include:

History of archaeology, development of archaeology in Turkey

Current state of archaeological practice in Turkey

Settlement, Environment and Landscape archaeology

GIS applications in archaeology

Origins of social inequality, complex societies and the state

Gender Archaeology

Theories in archaeology

Methods in archaeology

Cultural heritage management and NGO's

Archaeology and education

Archaeology, mass media and popular culture

State and politics of archaeology


Epistemology and ethics in archaeology

Philosophy of history and archaeology

Metrology and Space Perception in Prehistory

On 3 January 2013 applications and abstracts are due for an international conference entitled Mene, Tekel, Peres – The Development Of Metrology And Space Perception In Prehistory, to be held at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Wroclaw on 8-10 May 2013. The conference languages are English, German, and Polish. Abstracts and registration forms should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TAG 2012

On 17-19 December 2012 the 34th Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG 2012): Live Archaeology will be held in Liverpool. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:

K. Soar, "The clothes make the (wo)man: gender, performance and clothing in Minoan Crete"

D. M. Smith, "Complex Network Phenomena at the Final Neolithic-Early Helladic transition"

S. O'Brien "Problems of Identifying 'States' in the LBA Greek mainland"

I. Moutafi "Bones, Theory and Human Practices: a view from the Aegean"

C. A. Moreno, "Landscape and environmental management from a Postcollapse perspective: the case of Mycenaean Boeotia"

Μ. Georgiadis, "Cretan peak sanctuaries revisited: The case of Leska on Kythera"

AIA 2013

On 3-6 January 2013 the 114th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America will be held in Seattle, WA. Further information is available at the AIA website at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:

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Theoretical Archaeology Seminar in Athens

On 18 October 2012 the Theoretical Archaeology Seminar in Athens entitled "ʽSocial Complexityʼ in Archaeology" was held at the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens. Led by D. Smith and S. o' Brien, this seminar explored the potential and the limitations of new approaches to 'social complexity', using the societies of the Late Bronze Age in the Aegean as its evidential base. Further information is available at

Mycenaean Seminar in Athens

On 11 November 2012 H. Andrikou delivered a lecture to the Mycenaean Seminar in Athens entitled "Palatial and Post-Palatial Thebes: A look through the excavation of the Linear B archive at Pelopidou St."

Aegean Seminar in Zagreb

On 20 November 2012 A. Sampson delivered a lecture to the Aegean Seminar in Zagreb entitled "Mesolitihic and Neolithic Aegean: The Early Prehistory." Further information is available from Helena Tomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Distribution of Technological Knowledge

On 23-25 November 2013 an international conference entitled The Distribution of Technological Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery will be held at the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

A. Hein and S. Prillwitz, "Kilns and Firing Technology in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age: Evidence from Tiryns and Comparable Kiln Sites"

I. Berg, "Skill and Learning Networks: Acquisition, Maintenance, and Transmission of Technological Knowledge in Bronze Age Aegean"

A. Killebrew, "Early Philistine Aegean-Style Pottery Technology: Implications for the Transmission of Technical Knowledge during the Late Bronze – Early Iron Age Transition in the Eastern Mediterranean"

A. Jacobs, "Plain Ware Technology: Mass Production and Regionalism in Late Bronze Age Cyprus"

W. Gauß, E. Kiriatzi, and M. Lindblom, "Ceramic Technology Transfer in the Middle and Early Late Bronze Age at Kolonna, Kythera, and Lerna"

J. B. Rutter, "Ceramic Technology in Rapid Transition: The Evidence from Settlement Deposits of the Shaft Grave Era at Tsoungiza (Corinthia)"

M. Choleva, B. Lis, and Š. Rückl, "Mobility in the Bronze Age Aegean: The Case of Aeginetan Potters"

E. Kiriatzi, "Technological Transfer and Craftspeople Mobility in Late Bronze Age Mediterranean: Beyond the Distinction of Local or Imported 'Mycenaean' Pottery"

S. Strack, "The Post-palatial World of Potting: Regional Responses to Changing Social Frameworks"

E. Borgna and S. T. Levi, "Handmade and Plain Wares in Late Bronze Age Italy and the Aegean: A Comparative Evaluation of their Technology, Modes of Production, and Social Contexts"

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