The following is a list of Tytus Visiting Scholars and Summer Scholars who have received fellowships.

Academic Year 2023-2024

Edmund Thomas (Durham University) - Guarantors of stability: keystones of the classical tradition
Debby Sneed (California State University, Long Beach) - Disability and Daily Life in Ancient Greece
Peter Pavúk (Charles University) - Mikro Vouni on Samothrace and the process of Minoanization in the NE Aegean
Caleb Dance (Washington and Lee) - Ovid's Amores Book 3 - Commentary and Speculative Genetic Edition
Valeria Meirano (Torino) - Contextualizing metal objects at Delphi. A contribution to the understanding of offering and ritual practices in the panhellenic sanctuary
Maria Spathi (CHS, Harvard) - The Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatis in ancient Messene, south-west Peloponnese A contribution to the religious topography of the city

Summer 2023

Francesca Econimo (University of Pisa) -  Insularity in Flavian Epic 
Paul Salay (Coe College) -  Regional Shipbuilding Traditions and Maritime Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean

Academic Year 2022-2023

Robin Nadeau (York University, Canada) - Feeding on Words. Literature on Food and Cuisine in the Ancient Mediterranean World
J. Clayton Fant (University of Akron) - Dressing Rome for rule: marble in imperial buildings
Nassos Papalexandrou (University of Texas) - Greek Antiquities as Diplomatic Gifts in Greek-US Political Relations after WWII
Maria Gerolemou (University of Exeter, UK) - Missing Persons in Antiquity

Summer 2022

Laura Pfuntner (Queens University, Ireland) - Conflict and Peacemaking in the Roman West in the First Century BC
Mateo González Vázquez (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) - Globalization and Rural Change in the Roman West: Settlement, Population and Material Culture

Academic Year 2021-2022

Emma Aston (University of Reading, UK) - Makaira Thessalia: The Identities of a Place and its People from the Seventh to the Second Century BC
Laura Banducci (Carleton University, Canada) - Perceptions of value in Roman material culture

Academic Year 2019-2020

Diamantis Panagiotopoulos (University of Heidelberg, Germany) - A Minoan heterotopia in Egypt (?). On the toreador frescoes at Tell el-Dab‘a
Giada Giudice (University of Catania, Italy) - Attic Figured Pottery from the Votive Deposit of Mannella in Locri Epizefiri Persephoneion
Richard Fernando Buxton (Colorado College) - The Hoplite Class as a Complex Category in Greek Thought
Kenneth Sheedy (Macquarie University) - “A spring of silver, a treasury in the earth”: coinage and wealth in archaic Athens
Sandra Šćepanović (University of Belgrade, Serbia) - Empedocles on time and eternity: a contextual and historical analysis of expressions, imagery, and philosophical significance 
Constantinos Paschalidis (National Archaeology Museum, Athens) - Shaft Graves IV and V in Grave Circle A at Mycenae: The burials, the individual groups of objects and the case of the ‘Prince with the Battle Krater’

Summer 2019

Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral (U of Sao Paulo, Brazil) - Female Voices in Greek Epigram
Dylan James (University of Oxford) - The Invention of Wordplay in Ancient Greece: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach
Britney Szempruch (United States Air Force Academy) - The Latin Hymnic Tradition from the Arvals to Augusti

Academic Year 2018-2019

Nathan Elkins (Baylor University) – Images of Praise: Roman Art and Coinage from the Late Republic to Trajan
Marcello Mogetta (University of Missouri) – The Origins of Roman Concrete: A Social History of Rome's Architectural Revolution
Kathryn Gleason (Cornell University) – The Final Publication of the Promontory Palace at Caesarea Maritima: the Stratigraphy and Phasing of the Building in its Landscape Setting
Ellen O’Gorman (Bristol University) – Tacitus' History of Politically Efficacious Speech
Peter Day (Sheffield University) – Technology and Provenance of Early Bronze Age Pottery at Ayia Irini, Kea
Lisa Mignone (NYU-Institute for the Study of the Ancient World) – Your Enemies’ Gods: Uni of Veii, Carthaginian Tanit, and Rome’s Juno

Summer 2018

Christopher Trinacty (Oberlin College) – Commentary on Seneca's 'Naturales Quaestiones 3'
Virginia Lewis (Florida State University) – Speech and Gender in Aeschylus' Oresteia
Virginia Closs (UMASS Amherst) – While Rome Burned: Fire, Leadership, and Urban Disaster in the Roman Cultural Imagination

Academic Year 2017-2018

Alexandra Karetsou (Honorary Ephor of Antiquities, Greek Ministry of Culture) "Juktas I: The Middle Minoan III Complex at Alonaki"
Stavros Kouloumentas (University of Patras) "Solon, Anaximander and the conceptualisation of justice in the archaic era"
Jackie Murray (University of Kentucky) "Read in the stars: Apollonius' Argonautica and Ptolemaic Cosmic Ideology"
Katja Piesker (AIA/DAI Fellow, DAI Berlin) "Walls within the city? A secondary set of walls in Side, Pamphylia, as a key to urban development of cities in Asia Minor"
Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University) "A Commentary on Tacitus"
Gabriela Cursaru (University of Montréal) "Sacred Space and Time in Ancient Greek Religious Thought: Insights into the ‘Sacred Laws’"
Stephanie Roussou (Wolfson College, University of Oxford) "Theognostus' ‘Canones'"

Summer 2017

Gemma Bernado-Ferrer ( University of Los Andes) "Philological Lexicon of the Roman Imperial World"
Benjamin de Lee (State University of New York, Cortland) "Islam Redefined: The New Confrontation with Islam in Ninth-Century Byzantium"
Francesco Lupi (University of Verona) "Sophocles, his Poetic Art, and the Fragments"
Margarita Alexandrou (University of Cyprus) "Commentaries on Archaic Iambos: Hipponax, Semonides, Minor Iambographers and Iambic Adespota"
Alexander Bart Meeus (Universität Mannheim) "Peripeteiai in Diodoros and the Problem of Tragic History"
Diana Rodríguez Pérez (Wolfson College) "Crossing Cultural Boundaries: the Consumption of Attic Pottery in Southeastern Spain"

Academic Year 2016-2017

Ilaria Caloi - (Université Catholique de Louvain): "New light on regional dynamics of Neopalatial Crete: The recent evidence from the 2007-2011 Sissi excavations"
Styliani (Stella) Katsarou - (Ephorate of Palaeoanthropology-Speleology): "The Franchthi Cave, Argolid, Greece, Neolithic Pottery (New Excavations): Focus on Technology and its Impact on the Configuration of the Long-Term Cultural Sequence of the Site”
Jessica Piccinini - (University of Vienna): "Ancient Religious Mobility: The Oracular Shrine of Dodona"
Scott David Charlesworth - (University of New England): "The Dynamics of Exchange: Cultural and Religious Identity at Early Roman Colossae"
Darcy Anne Krasne - (University of Missouri-Columbia): "War of the World: Cosmos and Civil War in Valerius's Argonautica”
James G. Schryver - (University of Minnesota, Morris): "The Late Phases and Destruction Sequences at the Promontory Palace of Herod the Great"

Summer 2016

Arianna Gullo - (Scuola Normale Superiore): "Epigrams of Julian the Egyptian: an edition and a commentary"
Julie Hruby - (Dartmouth College): "The Pantries of the Palace of Nestor at Pylos"
Maria Gerolemou - (University of Cyprus): "Wonder-Stories in early Greek Thought"
Simon Barker - (Birkbeck, University of London): "Marble as elite decor: marble decoration in the cities buried by Vesuvius"

Academic Year 2015-2016

Sinclair Bell - (Northern Illinois University): ">The Circus in Ancient Rome: A Cultural History"
Luca Graverini - (University of Siena): "Narrative Strategies, Curiosity and the Emotions in Apuleius: A Satiric Path to Conversion"
Paul du Plessis - (University of Edinburgh): "Locating 'society' in 'Roman law and society’ scholarship"
Ourania Kouka - (University of Cyprus): "The Prehistoric Settlement at Heraion on Samos, Greece from the Late Chalcolithic through the Middle Bronze Age"
Sanjaya Thakur - (Colorado College): "Ovid, Tiberius and the Language of Succession"
Michael MacKinnon - (University of Winnipeg): "Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Role of Animals in Pompeian Life and Culture"
Jacques Bailly - (University of Vermont): "A Commentary on Plato's Theaetetus"
Ioannis Galanakis - (University of Cambridge): ">The Antiquities Trade in Nineteenth-Century Greece"

Summer 2015

Caroline Bishop (Indiana University): “Cicero’s Intellectual Politics: the reception of Greek learning at Rome”
David Kaufman (Transylvania Univeristy): “Love, Compassion and Other Vices: A History of the Stoic Theory of the Emotions”
Mireille Lee (Vanderbilt University): “Fakes and Forgeries in the Corpus of Ancient Greek Mirrors”
Stefanie Schmidt (independent scholar): “At the border of transition. The Egyptian city and its economy before and after the Arab Conquest in 642 AD”
Nancy Thomas (Jacksonville University): “The Missing Motive: Amenhotep III’s ‘Aegean’ Ceiling in the Palace of Malkata”


Academic Year 2014-2015 

Lindsay Allen - (King's College London, UK): "Through the King’s Gate: representations of Achaemenid kingship"
Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki - (National Archaeological Museum, Greece): "The Mycenaean Settlement and the Tombs on Mygdalia Hill near Patras"
Paul Roche - (University of Sydney, Australia): "A commentary on Lucan, De Bello Civili VII"
Salvatore Vitale - (Universita degli Studi di Pisa, Italy): "Late Helladic I to Late Helladic IIIB Ceramics from Mitrou, East Lokris, and Their Archaeological Contexts"
Anne Chapin - (Brevard College, U.S.A.): "The Chronological Evidence for Aegean Wall Painting: Minoan and Cycladic Frescoes."
Giacomo Pardini - Università degli Studi di Salerno (University of Salerno): "Men and their Coins. Ports, trade, and monetary circulation in Tyrrhenian Italy between the Hellenistic Age and the first century AD."
Julia Wilker - (University of Pennnsylvania, U.S.A): "Women and Dynastic Rule in Hellenistic and Early Roman Judea."
Adam Marshall - (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland): "Flavian Poetry: Statius and Silius Italicus."

Summer 2014

Stephanie Aulsebrook (Well Built Mycenae Project.): “The Cult Centre Megaron at Mycenae: Contextualising a Site Biography” 
Barbara Weinlich (Eckerd College): “Elegaic Brick to Marble? Mutatas Formas in Properitus” 
Toni Naco del Hoyo (Universitat Autònoma De Barcelon): “Graeco-Roman ‘Humanitarian Crises’: Outlining a Theoretical Framework for the Study of Ancient Disasters.”
Jeanette Forsen (Sweden): "The conceptualization of the end of a cultural era in prehistoric Greece." 
Alan J. Ross (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa): " Ammianus' Julian: tradition and innovation in late antique historiography." 
Steven J. Green (University College London, U.K.): "Grattius in Context(s): Hunting an Augustan Poet"
Daniele Maras (University IULM of Milan, Italy): "Myths in Cross-Cultural Translation: The Case of Etruria"

Academic Year 2013-2014

Moshe Fischer (Tel Aviv University, Israel): "Cultural Interaction in the Eastern Mediterranean from Late Iron Age through the Hellenistic Period: Yavneh-Yam (Israel) as a Case Study"
Borja Díaz Ariño  (Zaragoza University, Spain):  "Inscriptions of hospitality from the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa" 
Valéry Nicolas Berlincourt(Université de Genève, Switzerland): "Intertextuality (and intratextuality) in Claudian's carmina maiora"
Mark Lewis Lawall (University of Manitoba, Canada): "Typologies, chronologies and patterns of trade based on transport amphoras from the Athenian Agora (c. 525-86 BC) and from the Tetragonos Agora, Ephesos (c. 325-50 BC)"
Lea Stirling (University of Manitoba):  “Food Offerings and Ritual at the East Cemetery of Leptiminus, 2nd-5th c. A.D.”
Anastasia Anaya Sarpaki  (Greece):  "Akrotiri, Thera: The archaeobotany of the West House."
Thomas Reginald Stevenson  (University of Queensland, Australia): "Pater Patriae: The Roman Emperor as 'Father of the Fatherland' 

Summer 2013

David Kovacs (University of Virginia): "A Commentary on Euripides' Troades"
Mark Thatcher (University of Arizona): "Becoming Achaean in Italy: Colonization, Ethnicity, and Civic Identity"
Stephanie Ann Frampton (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Alphabetic Order: The Roman Alphabet and the Material Culture of Literature in the Ancient World"
Amanda Kelly (National University of Ireland, Galway): "The Roman Aqueducts and Bathhouses of Crete"
Ioulia Karali (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): "Preparing the publication regarding the Leontari cave excavation"
Sanjaya Thakur (Colorado College): "The Characterization of Ovid's Wife in the exile poems"

Academic Year 2012-2013

Ute Kelp (DAI Berlin, DAI/AIA fellow; Germany) " The Necropoleis of Pergamon"
Patrick Counillon (University of Bordeaux, France): " Dionysius Periegetes 'Oikoumenes Periegesis, An Edition"
Judson Herrman (Allegheny College): "An Edition and Commentary of the Political Speeches of Demosthenes against Philip"
John Cherry (Brown University): " The Creation of the Minoan State"
Pietro Maria Militello (University of Catania, Italy): "Minoan figurines: A Contextual Approach"
Hugh Bowden (King's College London, U.K.): "Priest King & God: The Religion of Alexander the Great"
Catherine Keane (Washington University): " The Poetics of Anger in Juvenal's Satires"

Summer 2012

Theodora Hadjimichael University College London), "The Emergence of the Lyric Canon"
Tomas Fernandez (Argentine Research Council), "Mapping Byzantine Anthologies"
Lisa Mignone (Brown University), "The Republican Aventine & Rome’s Residential Districts"

Academic Year 2011-2012 

Nancy Felson (American School of Classical Studies, Greece): "Pindar of Thebes: Local Poet and Panhellene"
Janice Crowley (Tasmania, Australia): "Aegean Gems: Art and Iconography of the Bronze Age Seals."
Yi Zhaoyin (Shanghai Normal University, China):  "Women and Visual Arts in Classical Athens"
Mario Grimaldi (University of Naples, Italy): "The South-western Suburban Area of Pompeii and the Imperial Villa."
David Stone (Florida State University): "Africa Proconsularis: Agency, Landscapes and Imperialism in the Granary of Rome"
Maria Swetnam-Burland (College of William and Mary): "Imagining Egypt: Roman Art and the Invention of the Foreign"
Graham Zanker (University of Canterbury, New Zealand): "Free Will and Human Responsibility in Virgil's Aeneid"
Eduard Shehi (Institute of Archaeology, Albania): "The Pottery of Dyrrachion’s Artemision"
Björn Forsen (University of Helsinki): "Cult Practice and Religious Behaviour in Ancient Greece: New Evidence from an Arcadian Sanctuary"

Summer 2011 

Ted Kaizer (Durham University, U.K.): "The Religious Life of Dura-Europos"
Maria Pavlou (Open University of Cyprus): "Bacchylides 17: Singing and Usurping the Paean"
Stephen O'Connor (Bowdoin College): "How did Military Markets in the Classical Greek World Function?"
Saskia Stevens (Utrecht University, Holland): "City Boundaries and Urban Development in Roman Italy (4th century BC - AD 271)."
Johanna Hanink (Brown University): "Classical Tragedy in the Age of Macedon: Studies in the Theatrical Discourses of Athens."

Academic Year  2010-2011

Lee L. Brice (Western Illinois University): "Wealthy Corinth Revisited: The Greek Legacy of Small Denomination Coins"
Lucia Floridi (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy): "The Epigrams of Lucillius. Text and Commentary"
Maria Noussia (University of Connecticut): "Accounting for Morals and Values in Fifth Century Athens"
Nicoletta Momigliano - (University of Bristol, U.K.): "Bronze Age Carian Iasos: Structures, Stratigraphy, and Finds from the Area of the Late Roman Agora (ca. 3000-1500 BC)"
Christian Mileta (Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany): "The Significance of the New Poleis for the Hellenization of the Hinterland of Asia Minor and Syria"
Polly Alexandra Low (University of Manchester, U.K.): " Empire, Space and Territory in the Classical Greek World"
Pascal Arnaud (University of Nice, France): "The Geographical Fragments of Marcus Agrippa: A Commented Edition."
Paolo Visona (University of Kentucky): "Carthaginian Bronze Coinage"
Sandra Gambetti (College of Staten Island - CUNY): "The Foundation of Alexandria. The History and the Myth of Alexander and His City"

Summer 2010

Carol Bell (University College London, Institute of Archaeology): "The Nature and Evolution of Complex Long-distance Cultural and Economic Interactions across the Late Bronze Age/Iron Age Transition in Italy."
Justin Walsh (Louisiana State University): "Attic Black Gloss Pottery from Morgantina: Catalogue and Analysis of Consumption Practices."
Michael Johnson (Vanderbilt University): "Power and Procedure in Roman Religion: The Pontifical Law of the Roman Republic"
Nick Ray (University of Leicester): "Consumer Responses to Transitional Events and Exogenous Shocks in the Ancient World."
Claire Holleran (University of Liverpool): The Urban Economy of Ancient Rome"
Kirsten Bedigan (University of Glasgow): "Reconsidering the Kabeirion at Thebes: A Study of a Regional Cult Centre"

Academic Year 2009-2010

Janice Crowley (Tasmania, Australia):  “ Aegean Gems: Art and Iconography of the Bronze Age Seals” 
Laura Preston (University of Cambridge, U.K.):  “Completion of a monograph entitled ‘Political and Cultural Transitions in Late Bronze Age Crete’”
Arthur Keaveney (University of Kent, U.K. ):  “ King and Court in Achaemenid Persia” 
Roland Oetjen (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Germany):  “The Honorary Decree for Protogenes of Olbia. Private Euergetism and Public Finances in a Hellenistic City in the Northern Black Sea Region”
Gary Devore (Stanford University): “The Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia Final Publication” 
Gebhard Bieg (Tübingen University, U.K.):  “Besik Tepe – Achilleion”
Bronwen Wikkiser (Vanderbilt University):  “ Innovations in Asklepios Cult in the Classical Period: the Tholos at Epidauros and the Telemachos Monument”
Demetra Kriga (College Year in Athens, Greece):  “Study of the Imported Late Bronze Age Pottery at Akrotiri (Thera). New Evidence from the stratigraphical trenches for the foundation pillars of the new roof of the site “  
Eleni Hasaki (University of Arizona):  “Making Classical Art:  Craft Apprenticeship in Ancient Greece”

Summer 2009

Sara Kaczko (University of Rome-Sapienza):  "Archaic and Classical Dedicatory Epigrams on Stone."
Anastasia Christophilopoulou (British Institute at Ankara):  "Domestic Space and Social Change in the Aegean and Cyprus 1200 – 900 BC "
Barbara Barletta (University of Forida):  "Ionic Architecture in Early Classical Attica."
Peter van Nuffeln (University of Exeter): "Genre and Historiography in Late Antiquity"

Academic Year 2007-2008

Irene Nikolakopoulou (Archaeological Institute of Aegean Studies): “The Middle Bronze Age in Akrotiri, Thera: pottery and stratigraphy”
Hanna Roisman (Colby College): “Electra's Modern Descendants”
Joseph Roisman (Colby College): “The Veterans of Alexander the Great”
Francois Hinard (Université de Paris-Sorbonne): “Le Passage : Rome, de la République à l'Empire”
Anna Simandiraki (International Baccalaureate Research Team): “Conceptualising the Minoan human body”
Ted Robinson (University of Sydney): “The effect of the indigenous market on the iconography of South Italian Red Figure”
Ahuvia Kahane (University of London): "Monumentality and the Illegible"
Peter Anderson (Grand Valley State University): “Seneca's De Constantia Sapientis”
Fabian Reiter (Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung): “Edition of Ostraka from Tebtynis”
Giuseppina Azzarello (Università degli Studi di Udine): “New Light on Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt: Unpublished Papyri from the Giessen Collection”

Summer 2008

Carolin Hahnemann (Kenyon College): "Three Studies on the Fragments of Euripides"
David Petrain (Vanderbilt University): Epic Manipulations: The Tabulae Iliacae and Visual Storytelling in the Early Roman Empire"
Claire Taylor (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland): "Wealth, Power and Social Change in Fourth-Century Attica"
Jennifer Baird (University of Leicester, U.K.): "Communities on the Frontier: Roman Period Housing and Households at Dura-Europus"
Valentina Garulli (University of Bologna, Italy) "Greek Epitaph, Between Literature and Epigraphy"
Matthew Leigh (Oxford University, U.K.): "Curiosus, Polypragmon, Periergos: Curious and Meddlesome People in Antiquity"

Academic Year 2007-2008

Katja Müller (Point Topic Ltd., London), "Ancient Crocodiles. Geo-modeling the Settlement History of the Fayyum, Egypt"
Margaet Mook (Iowa State University), "Results of the Excavation of a Late Bronze Age through Early Archaic Settlement on Crete: the Kastro at Kavousi"
Susanne Hofstra (American School of Classical Studies, Athens), "Mycenaean Households: Investigating the Prehistoric Kitchen Set"
Alastair Blanshard (University of Sydney), "Between Art and Text: A Study of Attic Documents"
Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos (Archaeological Society of Athens), "The Transition from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age in Brauron (Eastern Attica)"
Burcu Ericyas (Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara), "Komana Pontika: an Urban Site or a Sanctuary"
Rustam Shukurov (Moscow State University), "Orientals and Oriental Cultural Elements in Late Byzantium"
Catharine Roth (Spokane Community College), "History of Textual Criticism and Scholarship on the Suda"

Summer 2007

Astrid Lindenlauf (Center for Hellenic Studies): "Athens: Urban Development and City Walls"
Pascal Arnaud (University of Nice, France): Ancient Sea-routes: Sailing the Ocean"
Bronwen Lara Wickkiser (Gustavus Adolphus College): "Between Craft and Cult: Asklepios, Medicine and Politics in Fifth-Century Greece"
Marion Meyer (University of Vienna, Austria): "Uses of Images. Potentials of Visual Representation and Communication in Ancient Greek Culture"
Isabelle Ann Pafford (San Francisco State University): "Instructions on Stones: Leges Sacrae on Stone Offering Boxes (Thesauroi)"
George Korres (University of Athens, Greece): "Ergography and Bibliography of Heinrich Schliemann" & "Bibliography of Ancient Messenia"

Academic Year 2006-2007

Kostas Kotsakis (Aristotle University of Thesalonike): "The Greek Neolithic"
Philip De Souza (University College Dublin): "Ancient Naval Warfare" 
Yannis Lolos (University of Thessaly): "The Countryside of Ancient Greek City-States"
Sandra Blakely (Emory University): "Samothrace: Iron, Ritual and the Archaeology of Secrecy"
Rustam Shukurov (Moscow State University): "Orientals and Oriental Cultural Elements in Late Byzantium"

Summer 2006

Andrew H. Merrills (University of Leicester): "Imagining and Exploring the Nile from Classical Antiquity to the Renaissance"
Laurel Fulkerson (Florida State University): "Remorse and Repentance in the Ancient World" 
Cristina Termini (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas & The Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome): "The Religious Thought of Philo of Alexandria"
Peter Schultz (Concordia College): "The Iconography of the Parthenon's West Pediment"
Marco Fantuzzi (University of Macerata): "A Commentary on the Rhesus Ascribed to Euripides"
John M. Marincola (Florida State University): "Plutarch's Persian Wars: Myth, History and Identity in Roman Greece"
A. Pavan (Liceo Classico Statale G. Marconi, Conegliano [TV]): "The Dimension of Games in the Panegyrics of Claudian"

Academic Year 2005-2006

Pete Bing (Emory University), "Hellenistic Monument Groups with Multiple Epigrams: A Study of their Epigraphic Conventions and their Influences on the Organization of Early Poetry Books" and [b] editing the Brill Companion to Hellenistic Poetry 
Francis X. Ryan (TU Dresden, Germany), "The Election of the Supreme Pontificate" 
Mihail M. Zahariade (Institute of Archaeology, Romanian Academy, Romania), "Tradition and Innovation in Roman Art & Architecture in the 4th Century Martyrs' Crypts in the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire"
Lisa Nevett (University of Michigan), "Domestic Space and Social Organization in Classical Antiquity" 
Jeffrey D. Lerner (Wake Forest), "In the Land of the Eagle and the Lion: A History of the Greeks in the Hellenistic Far East"

Summer 2005

Nancy Felson (University of Georgia) - "Modeling Masculinity in the Ancient Greek Saga"
Jonathan R.W. Prag (University of Leicester, United Kingdom) - "Roads and Boundaries in the Provinces of the Roman Republic"
Paul Christesen (Dartmouth College) - "The Eusebian Olympic Victor List: A Translation of and Commentary upon the Armenian and Greek Versions"
Judy Kay Deuling (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) - "Vergil's Aeneid and the Monuments of Rome"
Gregg W. Schwendner (Wichita Independent Upper School) - "An Archaeological Guide to the Published Texts from Karanis"
Helena Tomas (University of Zagreb, Croatia) - "Understanding  the Origins of Linear B"
Roland Oetjen (University of Heidelberg, Germany) - "Antigonid Military Settlers in the Cities of Greece"

Academic Year 2004-2005

Gerald Bechtle (Univ. of Bern, Switzerland). Project: "The Late Ancient Exegesis of Aristotle's De Interpretatione"
Cyprian Broodbank (University College London, U.K.). Project: "The Making of the Middle Sea: A New Prehistory of the Mediterranean"
Graeme Clarke (Australian National Univ., Australia). Project: "Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates"
M. Rosario Falivene (Univ. of Urbino, Italy). Project: "Jews in the Herakleopolite Nome in the Second Century B.C."
Elise Friedland (Rollins College, U.S.A.). Project: "Art as Cultural Negotiation"
Evangelia Kiriatzi (British School at Athens, Greece). Project: "Transmission of Technical Knowledge. Pottery Transformations in and Beyond the Late Bronze Age Aegean"
Giuseppe La Bua (Univ. of Rome, Italy). Project: "Studies about the Tradition of Cicero's Speeches from the 1st to the 6th Century A.D."
Ian McPhee (La Trobe Univ., Australia). Project: "Urban Archaeology in Ancient Corinth"
Alan Shapiro (Johns Hopkins Univ., U.S.A.). Project: "Athenian hero Cults: an Iconographical Commentary"

Summer 2004

Benjamin Victor (University of Montreal) - "New Edition of Terence"
Lawrence Kowerski (Hunter Collge, CUNY) - "Simonides on the Persian Wars"
Barbara Tsakirgis (Vanderbilt University) - "Domestic Architecture around the Athenian Agora"
Vayos Liapis (University of Montreal) - "Elements of Macedonian Religion in the Rhesus"
Craig Dethloff (Ohio State University) - "The Cult of Hestia in Ancient Greece"

Academic Year 2003-2004

Fred Albertson (Univ. of Memphis) - "Palmyrene Sculptures in North American Museums "
Gideon Avni (Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem) - "City and Necropolis in Roman and Byzantine Palestine"
A. Brian Bosworth (Univ. of Western Australia) - "A Commentary on Arrian's History of Alexander the Great"
E. M. H. Jehan Desanges (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris) - "Edition, Translation, and Commentary of Pliny's Natural History VI.163-220"
Seymour Gitin (Albright Institute, Jerusalem) - "Philistine cult in the 7th c. B.C.E."
Janet Duncan Jones (Bucknell University) - "Ancient Glass from Gordion"
Irmgard Männlein-Robert (Institut für Klassische Philologie, Würzburg) - "Studies in the Relations between Hellenistic Poetry and the Plastic Arts"
John Petruccione (Catholic Univ. of America) - "A Syntactical Gloss of Prudentius' Peristephanon"

Summer 2003

Filippo Canali de Rossi (Liceo Scientifico Talete, Rome) - "An Onomasticon of the New Testament"
Zacharitsa Giannopoulou (University of Redlands, California) - "Plato's Theaetetus as Philosophical Drama"
Ann-Marie Knoblauch (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) - "Sculpture from the Excavations at Idalion, Cyprus"
Ariel Loftus (Wichita State University) - "Fourth-century B.C. Attic Cemeteries"
Lee Ann Turner (Boise State University) - "Small Finds from the Kastro at Kavousi"

Academic Year 2002-2003

Cynthia Shelmerdine (Univ. of Texas) - "Mycenaean Greek States"
Thomas Drew-Bear (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France) -"Religious Associations of the Roman East"
Timothy Duff (Univ. of Reading, U.K.) - "A Commentary on Plutarch's Life of Alcibiades"
Ian Rutherford (Univ. of Reading, U.K.) - "Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman Egypt"
John Melville-Jones (Univ. of West. Australia) - "Testimonia Numaria II"
Yannis Hamilakis (Univ. of Southampton, U.K.) - "Antiquity, National Imagination and the Politics of the Past in Modern Greece"

Summer 2002

Effie Athanasopoulos (Univ. of Nebraska) - "Byzantine Nemea"
Alan Kaiser (Univ. of Evansville) - "Roman Urbanism"

Academic Year 2001-2002

Andrew Laird (Univ. of Warwick, U.K.) - "Formations of Fiction in Plato"
Ann Kuttner (Univ. of Pennsylvania) - "Pergamon and the Roman Republic"
Gonda van Steen (Univ. of Arizona) - "Opposition Plays Produced Under the Greek Military Dictatorship of 1967-1974"
Jenifer Neils (Case Western Reserve Univ.) in collaboration with John Oakley (College of William & Mary) - "Coming of Age in Ancient Greece"
Billur Tekkok - (Middle Eastern Univ., Turkey) - "The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the West Sanctuary at Troy"

Academic Year 2000-2001

John Bennet (Oxford Univ., U.K.) - "A Historical and Economic Geography of Ottoman Greece"