Carl Blegen on behalf of the University of Cincinnati uncovered and then explored the so-called Palace of Nestor at Pylos from 1939 until his death in 1971. Research at Pylos sponsored by the University of Cincinnati resumed in the 1990s, first with the Pylos Regional Archaeological Project from 1991-1995, directed by Jack L. Davis. During those years, fieldwork doubled the number of sites previously known in an area intensively surveyed. One component of its publication program is the PRAP web site, up since 1995. From 1997-2011, efforts focused on the presentation of unpublished finds from Blegen and Rawson's excavations at the Palace of Nestor, studies that have been organized and directed by Sharon Stocker. From 2011-2014, the department collaborated with the Ministry of Culture of Greece in excavations connected to the construction of a new shelter over the Palace of Nestor. Full-scale excavations were resumed in 2015 under the direction of Stocker and Davis, the most impressive result of which has been the discovery of the grave of the Griffin Warrior (