Fragment of Qumran Calendar Scroll

Professor John Kampen of Methodist Theological School in Ohio and Hebrew Union College shares his considerable expertise on the Dead Sea Scrolls and discusses the many types of writing preserved within these amazing artifacts. He explains that the scrolls contain, in addition to many fragments of Biblical books, many pseudo-Biblical writings, original compositions, and a wide array of texts in many genres, a great number of which have been defined only through the discovery and study of the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves. Learn firsthand what’s in many of the scrolls, why this matters, and why the study of the scrolls is so difficult even today.

Professor Kampen is the author of Wisdom Literature, a commentary on all of the wisdom texts in the Qumran corpus.

 Written and performed by Dr. John Kampen (Methodist Theological School in Ohio and Hebrew Union College); featuring Sarah Lima; produced by Christian Cloke and Sarah Lima; featuring Vivaldi's Gloria; recording and editing by R. Aaron Allen Productions.