bust of Josephus on the left and a portion of the Arch of Tytus depicting the spoils taken from the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE on the right

In this episode of Radio Romanus Publicus’ “Dry, Hot Air,” set in the 90s A.D., host Terry Maxima visits with author Flavius Josephus, one of our most important sources for Jewish history in the Greco-Roman period, especially during the years when the Dead Sea Scrolls were produced. Josephus wrote extensively on the Essenes, whom many scholars associate with the Scrolls and the community at Qumran. In the interview, he describes the relationship of Jews and Judaea to Rome, his own role in the recent rebellion, and how he’s found a place for himself among the court of the Roman emperors. Get an insider’s view of contemporary politics, religion, and hear about the historian’s new and future projects firsthand!

Written by Dr. Matthew Kraus (UC Judaic Studies); featuring Matthew Kraus (Flavius Josephus), Desiree Gerner (Announcer), and Rachel Meeks (Terry Maxima); produced by Christian Cloke and Sarah Lima; featuring Vivaldi's Gloria; recording and editing by R. Aaron Allen Productions.