Book cover for Unending Variety

On Tuesday, February 20, UC Classics celebrated Peter van Minnen’s J. M. Burnam Professorship, which included a panel and the presentation of a festschrift in his honor, titled "Unending Variety. Papyrological Texts and Studies in Honor of Peter van Minnen." The panel included remarks from Drs. Rebecka Lindau (John Miller Burnam Classics Library), Valerio Ferme (Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs), Jay Twomey (Associate Dean), and Daniel Markovich (Head of the Classics Department). Papers were presented by Drs. Matthijs Wibier, Andrew Connor, and Cisca Hoogendijk. After the presentation of the papers and the festschrift, attendees joined Peter at a reception in the Blegen Library. Please join us in congratulating Peter on his Professorship and festschrift! You can find out more about Unending Variety at Brill's website.