Drawing of the front of the Blegen Library

The Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati is pleased to announce the winners of the Tytus Fellowships and Residencies for 2024-25. The Margo Tytus Visiting Scholars Program offers two types of residential fellowship for the study of archaeology, ancient history, and philology. Three Tytus Fellowships are offered both for the Spring and Winter semesters; another three Tytus Residencies are offered for the summer. As a prestigious residential fellowship, and one that offers the full range of resources and services of the Burnam Classics Library, the 'Tytus' attracts a large number of international and national scholars.

Tytus Summer Residencies 2024:
Giuseppina Azzarello (Udine): Scribes and notaries in Byzantine Oxyrhynchus
Anastasia Dakouri-Hild (Virginia): The Kotroni Archaeological Survey Project
Fabian Reiter (Bologna): Edition of Bologna Papyri

Fall 2024:
Stefano Floris (Tübingen): Phoenician and Punic Cult Images in (Roman-Age) Context: the Case of Sardinia
Eugenia Gorogianni (Akron): Keos XIII: Ayia Irini. Northern Sector
Amy Koenig (Hamilton Coll.): Romans Writing Greek: The Romanitas of Imperial Greek Literature

Spring 2025:
Thomas Clements (Manchester): Sparta's Territories: Power and Place in the Ancient Peloponnese, c.800-371 BC
Parrish Wright (South Carolina): Mythology, Identity, and Diplomacy in Pre-Roman Italy
Paolo Vitti (Notre Dame): The Mausoleum of Hadrian: The Bridge, the Tomb and its Afterlife