The tenth annual prospective graduate students weekend saw 19 strong candidates from Canada, Greece, the UK, Italy, and Austria, in addition to the US. They were presented with discussions of current research by faculty and graduate students, as well as the advantages of our department.

beal speaksSarah Beal Presents on Teaching Opportunitiestsiolaki speaksEfi Tsiolaki presents her dissertation research

Department head Jack Davis said, "we are excited about welcoming them to our program." Professor Steven Ellis added that it was "enjoyable to show them all that Cincinnati has to offer and finished off with a great trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum." In addition to the museum, PGS saw the library, the department, campus, the neighborhood. The weekend closed with an afternoon tea with treats that included a Griffin Warrior Tomb cake, made by our very own Christopher Hayward.

IMG 3117Christopher Hayward poses with his Griffin Warrior cake

IMG 3120
The Griffin Warrior cake from the top