Photo of Alice Crowe with sherds from Knossos

PhD candidate Alice Crowe will be spending Fall 2020 at the British School at Athens' Knossos Research Center where she will conduct analysis on pottery sherds from around the settlement. By using evidence from multiple excavations and surveys, Crowe is building up to an examination of intra-site variances. She cites the impressive history of projects conducted at Knossos as the main reason such a large-scale project is possible. Crowe hopes to use her findings to determine the trajectory of the town over the course of the LM II-III period: did its extent contract and/or shift? If so, was the change gradual or punctuated, site-wide or localized? Crowe's dissertation is titled "Beyond the Walls of the Labyrinth: A Site-wide Perspective on Final Palatial and Postpalatial Knossos."