This is a list of recent seminar topics offered in the graduate archaeological program in the department. 

Roman Portraiture in Contexts (Burrell)
The Roman East (Burrell)
Ancient Coins (Burrell)
The Crisis of the Third Century C.E. (Burrell)
The Archaeology of Hadrian's Empire (Burrell) 
Gender and Theory in Archaeology (Burrell)

Mycenae in its larger Aegean context (Davis)
The 15th century BC world: Minoans, Mycenaeans, and Near East (Davis)
The ‘coming’ of the Greeks (Davis)
The Palace of Nestor and Messenia (Davis)
Theory and Ethics in Archaeology (Davis)
Fieldwork theory and method (Davis)
Statistics for Archaeology (Davis)

Topics in Roman Archaeology (Ellis)
Pompeii (Ellis)
Villa Culture (Ellis)
Commerce and Industry (Ellis)
Bread and Butter (Ellis)
Roman North Africa (Ellis)

The Worlds of Homer (Gaignerot-Driessen)

Archaeological Theory (Hatzaki)
Theory for Burial Archaeology (Hatzaki)
Pots & Potters (Hatzaki)
Feasting in the Prehistoric Aegean (Hatzaki)
Aegean Iconography (Hatzaki)
Prehistoric Knossos (Hatzaki)

Greek Votive Offerings (Lynch)
Narrative in Greek Art (Lynch)
The Greek Symposium (Lynch)
Greek Sculpture in Archaeological Context (Lynch)
Pots Abroad (Lynch)
Pausanias and Archaeology (Lynch)
Approaches to pottery study (Lynch)