The MA in Greek or Latin Philology, or Classical Philology, consists of minimum 30 semester credit hours of graduate courses. 4+1 students must also pass an MA examination, but do not write a thesis. For MA requirements see Graduate Handbook VI.D.1 and 2; VI.B.2.
The BA + MA program allows Classics majors and minors to begin taking graduate classes in their senior year. After earning the BA degree, students may be formally admitted to the Graduate School and continue their graduate coursework. Students who complete a minimum of 8 graduate credits in their senior year should be able to complete their Master's degree in one additional year.
Graduate courses taken during the senior year do not count toward the BA degree. Students must complete all A&S requirements (120 total credits, 38 credits in the major) in order to receive the BA degree. Graduate credits taken during the senior year will count toward the MA degree.
Students should express their interest in the program to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the second year of their BA, or in the first half of their third year.

Admission requirements

In order to begin taking graduate courses students will have to apply to the department in their junior year, and will apply for formal admission to the Graduate School at the end of their senior year. At the time of application students should have had at least one class at 4000 level in Latin and Greek. To maintain good standing in the program students must continue to take Greek or Latin courses at 4000 level or above, for graduate credit. At the departmental level, admission requirements will include:

• Junior status. At the time of application students will need to have earned a minimum of 75 credits.

• Overall Undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher

• Three Letters of Recommendation. These letters should come from individuals such as departmental faculty, who can speak to the applicant's ability, achievement, potential, and motivation for undertaking graduate study. No official recommendation form is required.

• Personal Statement. The personal statement should be 1-2 pages in length and should address the applicant's interests and goals in pursuing the field of Classics. It should describe the applicant's academic background, the development of the applicant's interest in Classics, and the subfield(s) and/or topic(s) of the applicant's focus of study.

• GRE during Senior Year. In order to be accepted into the MA program after completing the BA students will also need to take the GRE during their senior year and obtain a score compatible with ability to do graduate work in Classics.

Deadlines for applying

The deadline for submitting the initial application is January 15. Student applications will be considered by the faculty of the Department of Classics shortly thereafter.

Tuition for 4+1 students

When taking graduate courses in the senior year, students will be charged undergraduate tuition for a full-time course load. After earning the BA degree, students will be formally admitted to the Graduate School and be charged graduate tuition for their coursework. 4+1 students may not hold a graduate stipend from the Department of Classics.

Courses are offered in the MA program in Classics. Here you can find a list of graduate courses in Classical Philology offered by the Department.