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EuroMed 2012

On 15 June 2012 submissions for full papers, projects, short papers, and showcases are due for the 4th International Conference on Cultural Heritage (EuroMed 2012), to be held on 29 October - 3 November 2012 in Limassol, Cyprus. On 20 August 2012 camera-ready copies of full, project, and short papers are due. Further information is available at

POCA 2012

On 31 July 2012 abstracts are due for the 12th annual Postgraduates in Cypriot Archaeology (POCA 2012) conference, to be held on 23-25 November 2012 in Erlangen. Papers on Cypriot archaeology of any period, or on related subjects, will be welcome either in English or in German with an English abstract. Abstracts (300 words maximum), with paper title and the name and address of the author, should be submitted to Prof. Dr. Hartmut Matthäus, hartmut.matthäThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Dr. Christian Vonhoff, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Further information is available at

J.R.B Stewart - an Archaeological Legacy

On 31 October 2012 abstracts (200 words) are due for a posthumous conference and Festschrift in honor of the 100th birthday of J.R. Stewart entitled J.R.B. Stewart – an Archaeological Legacy, to be held on 1-3 March 2013 by the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) in Nicosia, Cyprus; on 31 August 2013 papers will be due for publication. Proposals for 20 minute presentations concerning the prehistoric and protohistoric periods of Cyprus and the Near East that captured J.R. Stewart's attention should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; submissions should include the name and full contact details and affiliation of the contributor, the title of the proposed paper, what the proposed paper intends to cover, and an outline of the approach it will take.

Spyridon Marinatos (1901-1974)

On 22-23 June 2012 a symposium will be held on Spyridon Marinatos (1901-1974) at the National and Kapodistriou University of Athens. The program will be:

M. Pantelidou Gofa, "Memories of Marinatos"

S. Alexiou, "Memories of Spyridon Marinatos"

Ch. Doumas, "With Marinatos in Akrotiri"

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On 4-5 May 2012 the Theory in (Ancient) Greek Archaeology Conference (TiGA) was held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

S. Andreou, "Identities in flux: The shifting attitudes towards habitation, the dead and the body in Macedonia, Greece between the 11th and the 8th centuries BC."

R. Vaessen, "Creative Improvisation and the Making of Pottery on the West Coast of Asia Minor during the Bronze-Age transition"

D. Margomenou, "Interrogating the 'Macedonian Ethne': social change, collective action and emergent institutions in northern Greece at the end of the Late Bronze Age and beginning of the Early Iron Age"

D. Diffendale, When the cat's away, the mice still pay? Land division and sharecropping in Mycenaean and later Greece

NARNIA Archaeometallurgy

On 7-11 May 2012 the New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Aproaches to ancient material studies (NARNIA) training course Introduction to the Archaeometallurgy of Cyprus was held by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus. Lectures of interest to Nestor readers included:

T. Rehren, "The archaeometallurgy of copper - what we study, how and why?"

J. Muhly, "Forty years of archaeometallurgical studies in Cyprus (1970-2010)"

E. Peltenburg, "The beginnings of metalwork on Cyprus"

B. Knapp, "Metallurgical production and exchange on Bronze Age Cyprus: An overview"

V. Kassianidou, "Cypriot Late Bronze Age copper production"

C. Pulak, "The Uluburun ship: Copper and tin ingots, and the trade of copper"

A. Hauptmann, "On the making of the Uluburun copper oxhide ingots"

F. Lo Schiavo, "The Cyprus-Sardinia connection: Tighter than ever"

G. Papasavvas, "Cypriot Late Bronze Age metalwork"

Buffalo TAG 2012

On 17-20 May 2012 Buffalo Theory in Archaeology (TAG 2012) was held at the University at Buffalo. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

N. Karul, "A Multifaceted Heritage Project in Aktopraklik, Turkey"

N. Russell, "Human and Animal Bodies at Çatalhöyük, Turkey"

E. Ruzi,"Investigating Compositional Variability among Early Neolithic Ceramics from Korça Region, Albania"

M. Kersel, "Bridging the 'Great Divide' at Keros: Science, People and the Past in Theory and Practice"

On 28 May – 1 June 2012 the 34th Annual Excavation, Survey and Archaeometry Symposium organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture was held in Çorum. The program is available at,45539/34-uluslararasi-kazi-arastirma-ve-arkeometri-sempozyumu.html. Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

S. Özdöl, "Çatalhöyük Excavations 2011"

S. Günel, "Excavations at Çine-Tepecik, 2011 Campaign"

N. Karul, "Excavations at Aktopraklık, 2011"

T. Efe, "The Küllüoba Excavations, 2011"

M. Özdogan, "Excavations at Kırklareli Mound, The 2011 Season"

H. Hüryilmaz, "Excavations at Gökçeada-Yenibademli Höyük 2011"

N. Karaaslan, "Panaztepe 2011 Campaign"

H. Erkanal, "Land Excavations at Liman Tepe, 2011"

V. Sahoglu, "Excavations at Çesme – Baglararası, 2011"

A. Özyar, "Tarsus-Gözlükule Excavation: Work in 2011"

M.-H. Gates, "Kinet Höyük, 2011 Season"

I. Caneva, "The 2011 Field Season at Mersin-Yumuktepe"

İ. Özgen, "Hacımusalar Excavations 2011"

Policies of Exchange

On 30 May - 2 June 2012 a symposium entitled Policies of Exchange: Models of Political Systems and Modes of Interaction in the Aegean and Near East in the 2nd millennium BC was held at the University of Freiburg. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

C. Pulak, "The Uluburun Shipwreck - ­ Evidence for Royal Exchange?"

T. Rehren, "Glass as a Trade Item in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean"

E. Cline, "Preliminary Thoughts on Abundance vs. Scarcity in the Ancient World: Competition vs. Cooperation in Late Bronze Age Trade across the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean"

B. Eder, "The Geographic Diffusion of Imported Goods and Materials in Mycenaean Greece"

R. Jung, "Mycenaean Pottery in the East: Distribution, Context and Interpretation"

D. Panagiotopoulos, "Sealing and 'Exchange' in the Late Bronze Age Aegean and Beyond"

L. Bendall, "Mycenaean Administration: its regional and supraregional character in an international perspective"

H. Matthäus, "The role of Cyprus"

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