Manuscript illumination of the body of Leo V being dragged to the Hippodrome through the Skyla.


The Certificate in Pre-Modern History will enable students to study a geographically, politically, and culturally diverse range of pre-historic, ancient, and medieval civilizations, while developing the unique tools that are required for the study of pre-modern periods. During the course of the certificate, students will be exposed to fundamental questions concerning how and why human beings develop complex societies, produce and legitimize governmental structures, and create and police ethnic and religious identities. 
The study of ancient and medieval societies will allow students to more fully questions the default assumptions of modern society, forcing them to recognize the role that modern philosophies and ideologies play in restricting and promoting our conceptions of everything from viable political systems to human nature. They will, in other words, be asked to question, and to recognize as questionable, fundamental assumptions upon which modern societies are based.


2 Eligible Courses at the 1000-Level.

3 Eligible Courses at the 2000-Level or Higher, of which 1 course must be at the 3000-Level or Higher.

Eligible Courses

At the 1000-Level
CLAS 1001: Greek Civilization
CLAS 1002: Roman Civilization
CLAS/HIST 1011: Greek History
CLAS/HIST 1012: Roman History
HIST 1003: World History I
HIST 1007: Middle Eastern History I
JUDC/HIST 1027: History of Jewish Civilization I

At the 2000-Level or Higher
AFST 2060: African History I
AFST 3006: West African History and Civilization
ANTH 2017: Old World Prehistory
ANTH 2018: New World Prehistory
ANTH 3019: European Prehistory
ANTH 3020: Maya Prehistory
ANTH 3023: Ohio Valley Prehistory
CLAS 2021: Art and Archaeology of Egypt
CLAS 2022: Art and Archaeology of Greece
CLAS 2023: Art and Archaeology of Rome
HIST 2002: Medieval Europe
HIST 3001: History of Christianity I
HIST 3004: The Crusades
HIST 3076: Imperial China
HIST 4066: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization
JUDC 2027: Jesus, Judaism, and History
JUDC 2038: Introduction to Medieval Jewish History
JUDC 3012: Medieval Judaism
JUDC 3030: Jews and Islam
JUDC 3080: The Dead Sea Scrolls