Areal view of the existing walls of the Pompeii archaeological project with Mt. Vesuvius in the background

The Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia (PARP:PS) was an archaeological excavation of the University of Cincinnati at Insulae VIII.7 and I.1, Pompeii.  The excavations were undertaken between 2005-2012, and the first of a four volumes has since been published by Oxford University Press:

Ellis, S. J. R., A. L. C. Emmerson, and and D. K. D. Dicus. 2023. The Porta Stabia Neighborhood at Pompeii Volume I: Structure, Stratigraphy, and Space, Oxford.

Abstract: This volume brings together the results from the University of Cincinnati’s archaeological excavations of the Porta Stabia neighborhood at Pompeii. These excavations targeted two town blocks on either side of the via Stabiana (Insulae VIII.7 and I.1), which comprised modest houses, shops, workshops, food and drink outlets, and hospitality buildings. The present volume describes and documents the phased, structural development of this neighborhood over several centuries. The earliest discernible activity here dates to the sixth century bce, with the insulae taking their definitive shape only in the second century bce. It is from this time that production activities dominate the neighborhood, only to be wholly replaced by retail-oriented street-fronts from the early first century ce. Underpinning this narrative of urban development is a focus on the social and structural making of the Porta Stabia neighborhood, along with an interest in both the micro- (urban site formation processes) and macro-contextualization of the site (setting the results within a larger historic and urban framework).

This online component of the project is designed to provide supplementary information including images and drawings (published and unpublished) and various datasets. For further information and enquiries, contact the project’s director Steven Ellis at

The companion page to the first volume of the publication: The Porta Stabia Neighborhood at Pompeii by Steven J. R. Ellis, Allison L. C. Emmerson, and Kevin D. Dicus is live.
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