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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Most of the records in the PRAP Small Finds Database have not been edited since initial data entry in the field. They are provided as a courtesy to the archaeological community and should not be taken as definitive.
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IDGeneral MaterialSpecific MaterialGeneral FormSpecific FormStart/End PeriodSite
SF0028MetalZincOther Metal ArtifactCoinTurk-VenB01
SF0029MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoin-I04
SF0030MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinMR-MRI04
SF0132MetalCopperOther Metal ArtifactCoinEMod-EModA04
SF0579MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinHistoric-HistoricD01
SF0397MetalOther Metal ArtifactCoinMod-ModB07
SF0827MetalOther Metal ArtifactCoinR-RG01
SF1096MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinR-RG02
SF1099MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinR-RD03
SF1470MetalCopperOther Metal ArtifactCoinMod-ModD01
SF1385MetalSilverOther Metal ArtifactCoinEMod-EModOffsite
SF1386MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinHell-HellNone
SF1429MetalBronzeOther Metal ArtifactCoinTurk-VenL07
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Specific Material:
General Form:
Specific Form:
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