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A01 Metamorfosi Ayios Konstadtinos (1)
A02 Metaxada Kalopsana (1)
MH, LH I-II, (LH IIIA), (G?), (Mod)
Tile: Mod
A03 Metaxada Kalopsana (3)
(DA-G), R, Byz
Tile: HL-Byz
contiguous: (EH II)
A04 Metamorfosi Skarminga
(A?), (C), HL, ER-MR, LR, Byz, Ott, EMod, Mod
A05 Metaxada Kalopsana (2)
EMod, Mod
A06 Metamorfosi Ayios Konstadtinos (2)
(G-A), C, HL, R, Byz, (Ott), Mod
B01 Hora Kalianesi
(C?), (HL?), ER-MR, LR, Byz, (Ott), Ott-Mod, EMod, Mod
Tile: HL-R
B02 Hora Kavalaria
Byz, Ott-EMod, Mod
B04 Hora Zoodohos Piyi (2)
B05 Hora Palace of Nestor Chamber Tombs
Millstone: (HL)
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