Future Lectures and Conferences


The program of ATLAS—Archaeological Topographies: Current Trends in Landscape Archaeology and Spatial Analysis has been announced for 2024. All lectures begin at 19:00 EEST in Athens. Further information is available at https://www.facebook.com/DipylonAthens/. Lectures of interest to Nestor readers will include:
5 February 2024: C. Nuttall, “Problematising coastal landscapes. Spatial markers of coastscape engagement and the application of GIS-based methods in Aegean Prehistory”
4 March 2024: A. Leontaritis, “Mapping formerly glaciated environments: landscape evolution under millennial-scale climate variability”
2 December 2024: A. Brysbaert, “Studying the dynamics of the LBA Mycenaean taskscape in the Argolid through labour cost research and digital technologies”
16 December 2024: F. Gaignerot-Driessen and S. Sorin, “Sacred landscape archaeology: micro-mapping a votive deposit at Anavlochos, Crete”


BANEA 2024

On 3-5 January 2024 the 2024 Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA 2024). Archaeological and heritage practice in Southwest Asia: towards equitable futures will be held at the University of Glasgow. Further information is available at https://www.banea.org/banea24. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
D. Papageorgiou, “Reconstructing food preparation practices in Northern Levant and Cilicia during the LBA-EIA transition”
A. Ladas and D. Papageorgiou, “A landscape aspect of human interaction: the role of coastal sanctuaries in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean during the LBA”

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