Future Lectures and Conferences

POCA 2023

On 1-3 December 2023 the Postgraduates in Cypriot Archaeology (POCA 2023) conference will be held at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens/ Athens University History Museum in hybrid mode. Further information is available at https://conferences.uoa.gr/event/66/page/459-program-of-the-conference. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
L. Bombardieri, “Inside Out. Spaces and notions of social inclusion and exclusion in Bronze Age Cyprus.”
T. Christoforou, “The diachronic synthesis of the landscape in the northeastern foothills of Troodos mountains the Agia Varvara, Lythrodontas Mathiatis Sia areas from Prehistory until Late Antiquity”
A. Gonzalez San Martin, “Labourscapes of Bronze Age Cyprus”
G. Albertazzi and A. Villani, “What if it is over? How water availability coevolved with the life and abandonment of Middle Bronze Age Erimi Laonin tou Porakou”
P. Koullouros, M. Madella, and E. Margaritis, “Exploring Human Woodland Interactions in 1st millennium Cyprus Insights from Wood Charcoal Analysis in PASYDY and Tserkezoi Gardens”
Chara Theotokatou, “Down to Hearth Spotlighting intra and inter house social relations in Late Cypriot contexts”
K. Tsirtsi, G. Kasapidou, and E. Margaritis, “What do Chalcolithic plant remains have to say?”
M. Schutti, “Ritual or Souvlaki? Human pig relations in the Chalcolithic”
R. Laoutari and G. Muti, “Never travel solo Donkeys in Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus and their role in the island’s inter and intra-regional networks”
F. Fontani, “Deciphering archaeogenetics in Cyprus state of the art and perspectives”
K. C. Koukzelas, “Cooking and consumption in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus preliminary results from the organic residue analysis of cooking pots from Erimi - Laonin tou Porakou”
M. Hadjigavriel and M. Dikomitou-Eliadou, “Sherds that Talk: A Compositional and Technological Study of Late Chalcolithic Pottery from Cyprus”
S. Menelaou, L. Bombardieri, M. Amadio, and G. Muti, “Examining the ceramic landscape of Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou an analytical approach to pottery production and circulation”
C. A. Mohan Minos, “It’s all Plain to me? Characterising Fabrics of Late Cypriot I-IIB Plain White Pottery from Enkomi”
C. Carigiet, “Identifying regional styles in flask production in the Early and Middle Cypriot Bronze Age”
P. Tripodi, “‘Unveiling the unseen’ Broadening perspectives on Middle Cypriot daggers through use wear analysis”
D. Snook, “Finger-rings of Enkomi an exploration of sensory and cognitive engagement of personal adornments in the Late Cypriot Period”
E. Loizou, “Loomweights as votive offerings? A view from the sacred precinct of Kition”
C. Cateloy, “Cross-Regional connections Levantine amphorae and their circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Middle and Late Bronze Age”


AIA 2024

On 4-7 January 2024 the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA 2024) will be held in Chicago, with both in-person and virtual components but not fully hybrid. Further information is available at http://www.archaeological.org. Based on the preliminary program, papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
D. Nakassis, “One Script, One Kingdom? Exploring and Explaining the Heterogeneity of Linear B”
D. Panagiotopoulos, “Koine in a Nutshell. What Seals (and Theory) Can Tell Us about Cultural Uniformity in the Mycenaean Palatial Period”
S. Vitale, “Understanding the Mycenaean “Koine”: Norms and Variations in Aegean Cooking and Tableware Pottery Assemblages from the Late 15th to the early 12th Century B.C.E.”
N. Blackwell, “Evaluating Homogeneity in Mycenaean Palatial Construction: A Stoneworking Perspective”
E. Egan, “Counterpoints to Koine in Mycenaean Painting”
J. Murphy, “Doing it My Way: Ritual and Death at Pylos and Mycenae in the Late Bronze Age”
A. R. Knodell, D. Athanasoulis, J. Banks, A. Belza, R. Campbell, and J. F. Cherry, “The Small Cycladic Islands Project 2023: The Islets of Andros, Tenos, Mykonos, and Amorgos”
D. J. Fallu, G. Tsartsidou, L. Vokotopoulos, A. Lang, and C. Bahl, “The Geoarchaeology of Minoan Agricultural Engineering at Choiromandres, Crete”
D. M. Buell, K. T. Glowacki, and N. L. Klein, “New Observations on the Architecture of the Gournia Shrine”
A. Hunter, “Coloring the Image: The use of Egyptian Blue in Bronze Age Mediterranean Fresco Imagery”
E. Shank, “The LM IA Decorated Lustral Basin at Chania: Ritual and Use”
E. J. Fuller, “A Liminal Approach to Cultural Interaction and Maritime Exchange at Two Late Bronze Age Aegean Harbors”
N. Bowman, “Maritime Connectivity and Mobility in the Southeastern Aegean during the Neopalatial Period: A GIS-based Approach”
S. A. James and E. Marzec, “Results of the Western Argolid Petrography Project”
K. Mallinson, T. Carter, S. Crewson, M. Harder, C. Lopez, V. Mastrogiannopoulou, D. Mylona, M. N. Pareja, G. Tsartsidou, and D. Athanasoulis, “Spring Cleaning at Stelida? Disentangling Depositional Practices at the Minoan-Type Peak Sanctuary
R. McKay, “Nestor’s Two Forests: Sustainable practices and resource procurement in the Pylian Kingdom”
B. R. Jones, “The Girl on the Mycenaean Ivory Triad: Identifying Her Garment, Hairstyle, and Identity”
E. Keyser, “New Perspectives on Rhyta from the Mycenaean Mainland”
D. M. Wheeler, “The Mourner is Present: Performance Art and the Mycenaean Funeral”
G. Erny and M. McHugh, “Implementing Survey in a Suburban Coastal Context: Reflections from the BEARS Project”
A. Psoma, “Chipped Stone Tools from the Bays of East Attica Regional Survey (BEARS)”
B. Lis, “LH IIIC Pottery in the Bay of Porto Rafti: Insights into Production, Consumption, and Exchange”
A. Koh, C. Floyd, I. Roy, T. Luke, S. Bishop, M. Gold, and M. MacFarline, “The Southern Phokis Regional Project: Results of the 2023 Field Season”
T. Van Damme, B. Burke, B. Burns, A. Charami, and N. Herrmann, “New Excavations at Ancient Eleon in Eastern Boeotia”
B. Watts-Wooldridge, “The Trade of Pictorial Pottery in the 12th century BCE: New Data from Ancient Eleon, Boeotia”
A. M. Gaggioli, “Geoarchaeology and Soil Micromorphology Insights into Late Bronze Age Constructions at Eleon, Greece”
A. Van de Moortel and N. P. Herrmann, “Monuments of Earth and Stone: Social Significance of Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Tumuli at Mitrou, Central Greece”
K. B. Harrington and C. Steidl, “Signs Beyond the Cadmea: An Imported Seal Stone from the Ismenion Hill”
A. J. Shapland, A. Jenkins – Le Guerroué, R. Fascialé, and F. McDowall, “The Use of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Video Game in the Labyrinth: Knossos Myth and Reality Exhibit at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford”
E. Kopanaki, “Regional Mobilities and the Making of Community in East Lokris”
J. Mokrišová, “The Making of Ionia: Land-Based Interregional Interactions”
T. Maltas, “Cultivating the Emerging Greek World: Land Use, Urbanisation and Interaction in the Iron Age Mediterranean”
S. Crewson and K. Mallinson, “Mythical Legacies and Bronze Age Realities: Revisiting Knossian and Naxian Connections”
H. Sugioka, “Movement in Xeste 3, Akrotiri and the Potential for Kinaesthetic Address”
R. B. Koehl, “A Griffin Throne from the Mycenaean Building on the Koukounaries Hill, Paros, Cyclades, Greece”
G. Hedreen, “Terracotta Interspecies Figures from Ayia Triada: Traditional Iconography or Artistic Innovation?”
J. L. Kramer, “Digging Up Troy: A Worker from the University of Cincinnati Expedition to the Troad”
A. Psimogiannou, “‘Breaking-down’ the Aegean Final Neolithic (mid. Fifth- Fourth mill. BCE) with the Use of Absolute, Radiocarbon Dates: Phases, Pottery Sequences and Regional Differentiation”
L. Bernardo-Ciddio, “Without a Trace: Re-Examining Relationships Between Matt-Painted Pottery in Albania and Italy”
J. E. Schultz, “Shumë Shqip Sheep: Preliminary Isotopic Data towards Understanding Prehistoric Herding Practices in Albania”
T. M. S. Nash, “Writing Beyond the Palaces? The Case of the Ivory Houses at Mycenae”
S. Cushman, “Mycenaean Texts and Tombs: A Contradictory Picture?”
J. Evrenopoulos, “Redefining an Archive: A Guide to the Context of the Pylos Linear B Tablets from Rooms 7-8 and its Proper Analysis”
T. Palaima, “Chairs and Stools and their Status Implications in the Pylos Ta ‘Totenmahl’ Inventory”


19. Österreichischer Archäologentag (2024)

On 3-5 April 2023 the 19. Österreichischer Archäologentag (2024) will be held in Innsbruck. Further information is available at https://www.uibk.ac.at/archaeologien/index.html.de. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
F. Blakolmer, “Investiturszenen in der Frühägäis: vom ‘Prinzenbecher’ aus Agia Triada zum Kultzentrum von Mykene”
B. Huber, “Emotionen und Emotionalität in Darstellungen von Bestattungsriten in spätmykenischer und geometrischer Zeit”
A. Sokolicek and L. Berger, “A Tale of Two Cities: Bronzezeit und Byzanz in Aegina Kolonna”
J. Weilhartner, “Gold in der mykenischen Palastzeit: Schriftquellen und archäologische Evidenz”

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