Future Lectures and Conferences

TALOS Webinar

The TALOS Webinar on the “Santorini Eruption: Comparative anthropological and volcanological research of an archaeological case study” has announced their schedule of upcoming lectures, each at 5 pm (UTC+1). The registration link for each talk is available at https://talos.minoan-aegis.net/webinars.
2 November 2023: F. Mavridis, P. Zafeiriadis, and Ž. Tankosić, “Inverted practices: Tephra and related cult in the BA Cyclades”
16 November 2023: K. Sbonias, “Human responses to the volcanic landscape. The case of the Prehistoric Therasia Project”
30 November 2023: M. Marthari, “Living opposite the Thera volcano: the nature of the Raos volcanic destruction and comparisons to Akrotiri”


New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium

The New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium has announced the schedule of lectures for 2023-2024, to held at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, 1 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075 or the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, 15 East 84th Street, New York, NY 10028. Abstracts and Zoom registration links for each talk will be available at https://nyabac.tumblr.com/ a few weeks in advance of each date.
6 November 2023, 12 pm ET: P. Hnila, “Load-bearing Horizontal Timber Framing in Aegean Bronze Age Architecture and Its Anatolian Parallels”
30 November 2023, 12 pm ET: T. Palaima, “70 Years of Wa/ondering: The Pylos Ta series and Mycenaean Ceremonies”
26 February 2023, 12 pm ET: A. Knodell, “New Perspectives on Settlement Patterns in the Bronze Age Cyclades: A View from the Margins”
11 March 2023, 6:30 pm EDT: S. Hogue, “Destruction and Reuse of the Palace of Nestor Main Building”
11 April 2023, 6:30 pm EDT: L Kvapil: “Terraces, Technology, Land, and Labor in Mycenaean Greece”


Change and Continuity

On 3-4 November 2023 the Canadian Institute in Greece (CIG) Graduate Student Conference: Change and Continuity will be held in hybrid format by the Canadian Institute in Greece. Further information and the link to the livestream are available at https://cig-icg.gr/event/graduate-student-conference-change-and-continuity/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
E. Tsafou, “Cooking traditions of Minoan Crete, an interdisciplinary study on ceramic cooking vessels”
S. Murray, “Continuity, Change, and Narrative in Archaeological Thought: Lessons from Postpalatial Porto Rafti”
H. Rückemann, “Between Progress and Tradition: An insight into the Early Iron Age transition in the middle Kephissos-Valley (Phocis)”
S. Cushman, “For Richer and for Poorer: The Meaning of Mortuary Continuity and Change in Late Bronze Age Greece”


Perfume Production in the Ancient World

On 6-8 November 2023 an international conference entitled Perfume Production in the Ancient World will be held in Prague. Further information is available at https://www.alchemiesofscent.org/conference-2023. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
M. R. Belgiorno, “‘Eau de B.C.’, perfumed, alcoholic, intoxicating spring of human pleasure. (Mesopotamian and Aegean origins of Mediterranean distillation)”
B. Rueff, “Was the firebox an incense burner? Preliminary Research on Minoan Perfumery”


AWLL 2023

On 10-12 November 2023 the 14th Association for Written Language and Literacy international workshop on writing systems and literacy: Writing/reading interface (AWLL 2023) will be held in Rome. Further information is available at http://faculty-sgs.tama.ac.jp/terry/awll/index.html. Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
A. Santamaria, “Readability determines the presence of writing: materials, light effects, and sign sequences on Cretan Hieroglyphic seals”


AEA 2023

On 24-26 November 2023 the 43rd Conference of the Association for Environmental Archaeology: Telling Environmental Archaeology Stories (AEA 2023) will be held in Tarragona, Spain. Further information is available at https://aea2023.icac.cat/. Based on the preliminary program, papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
E. Margaritis, C. Henkel, and K. Tsirtsi, “Cultivating the big islands of the Mediterranean: agriculture, farming and urbanization in Bronze Age Crete and Cyprus”
G. Apostolou, A. Mayoral, K. Venieri, S. Dimaki, A. Garcia-Molsosa, M. Georgiadis, and H. A. Orengo, “Holocene alluvial dynamics and human settlement histories in the Xerolakkos catchment (Grevena, GR)”
M. Andonova-Katsarski, Y. Katreva, K. Boyadziev, E. Marinova-Wolff, and Y. Boyadziev, “The Late Chalcolithic vegetal fibres at Tell Yunatsite, Southern Bulgaria”
A. E. T. Kriti, A. Livarda, H. A. Orengo, E. Ninou, and I. Mylonas, “Modern Experimental Cultivations and Charring Experiments of Barley; Methods, Preliminary Results, Challenges and Possibilities”
K. Tsirtsi, G. Kasapidou, P. Koullouros, and E. Margaritis, “The role of archaeobotanical material in better understanding transitional periods: the case of Chalcolithic Cyprus”
Chr. Papoulia, “Taming the sea. A multi-proxy investigation of Mediterranean Stone Age aquatic technologies”


ScapeCon 6

On 2-3 December 2023 the 6th International Conference of ScapeCon: Contextualizing Fire in Aegean Prehistory (ScapeCon 6) will be held by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Further information is available at https://www.facebook.com/ScapeCon/ or from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
S. Kyrillidou, “Session Keynote: Tinders Blazing into the Domestic and Ritual Sphere”
N. Selekos, “Constructing early Mycenaean elite identity: experimentation through fire and blood at Kynortion, Argolid”
P. Bacoup, “Woodworking, architecture and fire in the northern Aegean and southern Balkans in the Neolithic period”
P. Ramirez-Valiente, “This fire is out of control: reevaluating burnt houses in Neolithic Greece, intentional or accidental?”
V. Martin, “Putting one's heart(h) into forging: using the fire in Aegean metalworking at the end of the Neolithic”
C. Snoeck, “Session Keynote: Finding People Through Ashes”
D. Rauschenberger, “Cremation in Neolithic Western Macedonia: a cultural anthropological approach to the transformative power of fire in the mortuary realm"
Y. Chatzikonstantinou, S. Triantaphyllou, C. Snoeck, E. Stamataki, and D. Panagiotopoulos, “Contextualizing Minoan Koumasa through the multidisciplinary examination of the human remains”
A. Kourkoulakos, “A Journey to the Netherworld: an archaeological and textual survey for the use of fire in Anatolia, the Aegean and the Balkans during the Late Bronze Age”
V. Papathanasiou, S. Triantaphyllou, A. Lioutas, and V. Misailidou-Despotidou, “Exploring cremation pathways in Early Iron Age central Macedonia: preliminary insights from Polichni and Nea Philadelphia cemeteries”
E. Gourgouleti, “The concept of operational solidarity as a step towards understanding the curious case of the EC II human cremation at Dhaskalio”
E. Stamataki, “Did the season count? Investigating how seasonality affects pyrotechnology and cremation conditions using experimental archaeology”
A. Livarda, “Session Keynote: Burning Nature to Produce and Consume”
S. Chronaki, D. Androulaki, P. Halstead, S. Triantaphyllou, and S. Andreou, “Lighting a fire for cooking: culinary practices in the prehistoric settlement of Thessaloniki Toumba”
A. Kriti, “Experimental charring experiments on barley towards the creation of new tools to explore agriculture in the past”
D. Kadi, P. Halstead, S. Triantaphyllou, and M. Pappa, “Thermal processing of animal bones: the case of Kyparissi Vasilika”
S. Maritsa, “The role of fire occurrences in the shaping of FN ecosystems in Crete”
M. Choleva, “Session Keynote: Flames of Clay Transformation”
T. Ogawa, S. Triantaphyllou, S. Andreou, H. Procopiou, N. S. Muller, and E. Kiriatzi, “Cooking ware repertoire in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age of Thessaloniki Toumba. Tradition and Innovation of cooking practices”
J. Stuehler, “The usage of fire in a domestic context: Late Helladic sherd hearths reconsidered”
K. Mastorogiannis, S. Triantaphyllou, and S. Andreou, “Colouring through fire: ceramic technology in LBA central Macedonia”
B. Rueff and T. Ogawa, “Where there is smoke there is fire: an experimental and use-wear approach of domestic Minoan fire structures from Malia”
N. Saridaki, I. Siamidou, F. Adaktylou, and K. Kotsakis, “Keeping the home fires burning in the Final Neolithic of northern Greece”

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