Future Lectures and Conferences

UISPP 2023

On 5-9 September 2023 the UISPP XX World Congress: Interdisciplinarity in Archaeology will be held in Timişoara, Romania. Further information is available at https://uispp2023.uvt.ro/. Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
A. García Suárez, “Continuity and change in Neolithic earthen architecture an Anatolian case study”
O. Palli, E. Pavlidou, L. Malletzidou, T. T. Zorba, I. Nazlis, G. Kourtessi-Philippakis, S. Andreou, and S. Triantafyllou, “Multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of residues on quartz tools from the Bronze Age Thessaloniki Toumba, Greece”
A. Vintaloro, “L’arrivée de l’artisanat en Sicile depuis la mer Égée génère des sociétés guerrières”
M. Truffi and F. Nomi, “Federico Halbherr, a pioneer of Mediterranean archaeology”
G. Iliadis, D. Cardoso, and S. Dadaki, “Representations of footprints in north Aegean rock art. The site of ‘Tsigkri’ in the island of Thassos”
T. Scarano, C. Cavazzuti, G. E. De Benedetto, R. Jung, L. Mazzotta, G. Patrizi, J. H. Sterba, and A. Arena, “Organic Residue and Trace Element Analyses from Aegean-type ceramics from Roca Vecchia (Le, IT)”
G. Herzlinger and N. Galanidou, “The Acheulean Large Cutting Tool assemblage from Rodafnidia, and other Lower Palaeolithic localities on Lesbos, Greece: A 3D morpho-technological cross-regional comparative analysis”


YRA 2023

On 4-6 October 2023 the 6th workshop for Young Researchers in Archaeometry 2023 (YRA 2023) will be held at the University of Tübingen, Germany, in hybrid format. Further information is available at https://yrarch.github.io/current.html. Posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
E. Tsafou, “Minoan cooking vessels: An interdisciplinary approach on their function and use”

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