Past Lectures and Conferences

The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Kydonia/Khania

On 26-27 May 2023 an international conference entitled Signs of the Times – The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Kydonia/Khania was held in hybrid format, hosted in Stockholm by the Swedish Institute at Athens. Further information is available at The program was:
A. Karivieri, “Welcome to Stockholm! The Department of Classical Studies at Stockholm University 75 years”
J. Wallensten, “The Swedish Institute at Athens 75 years and the importance of the Greek-Swedish and Greek-Swedish-Danish field projects”
M. Andreadaki-Vlazaki, “The Minoan Habitation under the Town of Khania”
E. Hallager, “The Greek-Swedish- and Greek-Swedish-Danish excavations and their impact on Minoan Crete”
B. P. Hallager, “The local Kydonia pottery workshop and its impact”
E. Protopapadaki, “Prepalatial pottery groups from the Greek–Swedish Excavations at the Agia Aikaterini square, Kastelli Chania”
O. Krzyszkowska, “Late Minoan Seals and Sealing Practices: Insights from Khania”
D. Evely, “The nature of the small finds from Kastelli, Khania”
A.-L. Schallin, “Terracotta figurines from Khania”
A. Sarpaki, “The archaeobotanical landscape of Bronze Age Kydonia/ Chania”
D. Mylona, “Earthquakes, pastoral economics and religious fervor: animal sacrifice at LM IIIB Kydonia, (Khania)”
V. Petrakis, “Total ku-do-ni-ja: integrating archaeological and textual evidence in the study of a remarkable centre in LM II-IIIB Crete”
P. J. P. McGeorge, “The human bones from the Minoan graves and Katre 1, Khania”
G. Vidén, “Conclusion – from a personal point of view

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