Past Lectures and Conferences

Social Groups and Production in Mycenaean Economies

On 24-25 February 2023 the Spring 2023 Langford Conference entitled Social Groups and Production in Mycenaean Economies was held the Department of Classics at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Further information is available at The program was:
D. Pullen, “Elites and non-elites in Mycenaean economies”
D. Nakassis, “Reading between the lines: textual evidence for socioeconomic organization in the Mycenaean world”
J. Driessen, “A House Divided? Social structure before, during and after the Mycenaean administration at Knossos”
S. Voutsaki, “Kinship and the roots of inequality in pre-palatial Laconia”
M. L. Galaty and W. A. Parkinson, “Not a Great Kingdom: Mycenaean Economic Variation as a Measure of Nonintegration”
S. C. Murray, “Mycenaean Economic Institutions, Expensive Exchange, and the Theory of the Firm”
T. F. Tartaron, “Social Groups in the Mycenaean Maritime Economy”
N. Abell, “Crafting communities and constellations of practice: An exploration of production and exchange networks in the earlier LBA southern Aegean”
K. Shelton, “Petsas House: potters, the workshop, and ceramic production in Mycenae’s society and economy”
A. Dill, “Craft Industries at Kalamianos”
P. M. Day and E. Kardamaki, “Potting Communities during the Mycenaean Palatial Period”

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