Past Lectures and Conferences


The Tombs of Enkomi (British Museum excavations)

On 10‐11 December 2010 an international conference entitled The Tombs of Enkomi (British Museum excavations) was held in Nicosia by the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus as part of the project Enkomi Tombs (British Excavations) in the Cyprus Museum: Digitisation Programme. Further information is available at The program of the conference was:

R. Merrillees, "Enkomi, Engomi and Egkomi: From Myth to Reality and Back Again"

D. Pilides, "Introduction to the Enkomi Project"

T. Kiely, "Poachers turned gamekeepers? The British Museum archaeological agents in Cyprus in the 1890s"

D. Pilides, "The Cypriot Pottery from the tombs of Enkomi"

P. Mountjoy, "Enkomi 'Old Tombs' and the missing LHIIIC early phase"

A. Papadopoulos, "Exceptional objects from old excavations. The case of Aegean artefacts at Enkomi (1896 excavations)"

N. Hirschfeld, "Further consideration of the marked pottery found in the Enkomi British Tombs"

R. Merrillees and H. Merrillees, "The cylinder and stamp seals from the British Museum excavations in the old collection of the Cyprus Museum"

H. Crossman, "Contextual analysis of economic and social networks. The circulation of Bronze Age soft stone artifacts in Bahrain (Qala' at al‐Bahrain and Saar) and Cyprus (Enkomi and Maroni)"

L. Crewe, "Making space for the living and the dead at Enkomi"

A. Kaldelis, "Accomplishing the objectives of the project: The methodological framework"

E. Gubel, "Enkomi, Cyprus and Brussels, Belgium: The Cypriote Collection of the Royal Museum of Art and History"


Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: the Archaeology and Science of Kitchen Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean World

On 16‐17 December 2010 the Classical Colloquium at the British Museum was held on Ceramics, Cuisine and Culture: the Archaeology and Science of Kitchen Pottery in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:

I. Whitbread, "Materials Choices in Utilitarian Pottery: Kitchen Wares in the Berbati Valley, Greece"

A. Jacobs and V. Renson, "Plain Ware Pottery Production and Consumption at the Late Bronze Age Site of Alassa‐Pano Mandilaris: Questions on Ceramic Variability, Technology and Provenance"

N. Müller, V. Kilikoglou, and P. Day, "Home‐made Recipes: Tradition and Innovation in Bronze Age Cooking Pots from Akrotiri, Thera"

W. Gauß, G. Klebinder‐Gauß, E. Kiriatzi, A. Pentedeka, and M. Georgakopulou, "Aegina: An Important Centre for the Production of Cooking Ware from Bronze Age to the Classical Period"

M.‐C. Boileau and J. Whitley, "True Grit: Production and Exchange of Cooking Wares in the Ninth‐Century Aegean"

J. Morrison, T. Brogan, D. Mylona, and C. Sofianou, "Cooking Up New Perspectives for Late Minoan Domestic Activities: An Experimental Approach to Understanding the Possibilities and the Probabilities of Ancient Cook‐Pot Use"

B. Lis, "From Cooking Pots to Cuisine. Limitations and Perspectives of a Ceramic‐based Approach"

J. Hruby, "Finding Haute Cuisine: Identifying Shifts in Food Style from Cooking and Serving Vessels"

L. Langridge‐Noti, "Unchanging Tastes: First Steps Towards the Correlation of the Evidence for Food Preparation and Consumption in Ancient Laconia"

S. Strack, "The Regular (post‐)Mycenaeans. A View Beyond the Elites Through the Window of Utilitarian Ceramics"

B. McLoughlin, "Coarseware Production at Zagora: Pottery Specialization on Islands of Abundance"

S. Fourrier, "Kitchen Pottery from Iron Age Cyprus"

J.‐S. Gros, "The 'batterie de cuisine' of the LG period from Oropos and Xombourgo (Greece)"

H. Robinson, "Ceramic Fabrics: Clues to Minoan Cooking Pottery Manufacture"

W. Rudolph, "Halieis and Mycenae: Pots for Daily Sustenance"

J. Schlehofer, "Preparation of Meals within the Necropolis at Halieis"

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