Electronic News and Notices

Aegeus digitized publications

Aegeus – Society for Aegean Prehistory has presented 200 digitized publications on Greek prehistoric archaeology, published between 1847 and 1955 at https://www.aegeussociety.org/en/psifiopoiiseis/?fbclid=IwAR3BywmT6cCYRLYOcHRMec6KHMacL8GXV55llVbzB1VaqEiMwrNN279yLSM. They include writings by founding archaeologists including Heinrich Schliemann, Arthur Evans, Alan Wace, and Carl Blegen, with particular attention to publications of Greek archaeologists, such as Christos Tsountas, Panagiotis Stamatakis, Joseph Hatzidakis, Stephanos Xanthoudidis, Antonios Keramopoullos, Nikolaos Kyparissis, and Spiridon Marinatos, and with an aim of digitizing unknown and hard to find publications.


Honoring Yves Duhoux

On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, 34 personal tributes to the enduring positive effects of Yves Duhoux’s scholarship and generous devotion of time to essential editions and collections of state-of-the-arts guides and reports that benefit novice and veteran students were gathered by Thomas Palaima, Anna Panayotou-Triantaphyllopulou, and Carlos Varias García on a page titled Honoring Yves Duhoux: A Tribute. du-o-u-ka-te do-ro di-do-si mu-ke-no-ro-ko, which is available at https://sites.utexas.edu/scripts/2022/12/16/honoring-yves-duhoux-a-tribute/.

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