Future Lectures and Conferences

New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium

The New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium has announced their schedule of lectures for spring 2023. All lectures will take place on Zoom and begin at 12 pm EST. Further information is available at https://nyabac.tumblr.com/.
Monday, 13 February 2023: E. Egan, “Death and the Pylos Megaron”
Tuesday, 28 March 2023: N. Abell, “An Exploration of Mechanisms of Interaction and Exchange in the MBA–LBA Cyclades”


AIA & SCS 2023

On 5-8 January 2023 the Annual Joint Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and Society for Classical Studies (AIA & SCS 2023) will be held in New Orleans, LA. Further information is available at http://www.archaeological.org and https://classicalstudies.org/annual-meeting/detailed-preliminary-program-sessions-2023. Based on the preliminary program, papers, posters, and workshops of interest to Nestor readers will include:
J. M. Engstrom, “Carl Blegen and Homeric Troy: An Archival History of the Origins and Objectives of the University of Cincinnati Troy Expedition”
M. J. Daniels, K. Archibald, and L. Hickox, “The Nude Female in Eastern and Central Crete, 900-600 BCE: Between Foreign Imports and Local Landscapes”
F. Georma, I. Nikolakopoulou, and I. Bitis, “Building Beta at Akrotiri, Thera. New Excavation Data and 3D Architectural rReconstruction”
A. Koh, C. Floyd, T. Luke, J. Fu, and I. Liritzis, “The Southern Phokis Regional Project: Results of the 2022 field season at Desfina-Kastrouli and Its Environs”
J. S. Soles, C. Davaras, C. Sophianou, and G. Doudalis, “The 2021-2022 Greek-American Excavations at Mochlos, Crete”
Z. Tankosic, F. Mavridis, P. Zafeiriadis, A. Psoma, D. Nenova, and H. Öztürk, “Gourimadi Archaeological Project: The Summary of the First Five Years of Fieldwork”
C. Knappett, A. Shapland, C. Sofianou, and T. Theodoulou, “Coastal Excavations at the Bronze Age Town of Palaikastro, East Crete”
E. Oddo, J. Day, and C. Trainor, “KLASP 2022: Preliminary Results from the Knossos Legacy and Sustainable Archaeology Project”
R. A. K. Smith, “The Late Minoan I to Late Minoan III Transition: A Ceramic Perspective from Gournia”
C. J. Sturge, “Plain Tableware as an indicator of Mainland Influence at Final Palatial Knossos”
G. Doudalis, “Living on the Edge? Exploring Cultural Boundaries in the Mirabello Area from MM IB to MM IIIB (ca. 1900-1600 B.C.E.)”
D. Nadal Koussiounelos, “The Formation and Contacts of Laconian Sanctuaries during the LBA and EIA Periods”
T. Carter, S. Crewson, M. Georgakopoulou, K. Hall, C. Murphy, and D. Athanasoulis, “The Production and Use of Minoan Anthropomorphic Bronze Votives: Insights from the Peak Sanctuary at Stelida, Naxos”
K. E. Stiles and C. S. Jazwa, “A Chronology of Mobility and Interment at the Late Bronze Age Site of Golemi Agios Georgios, Greece”
D. Easton, J. Stora, and B. Weninger, “New Radiocarbon Dates Confirm a Gap in Blegen’s Early Bronze Age Sequence at Troy”
M. G. Hyytiainen-Jacobson, “So, What? Contextualizing Dental Anomalies at Aidonia”
L. Kaiser, “Stirring the Cooking Pot: An Anthropological Interpretation of Cooking Technology at Early Bronze Age Mochlos”
Y. Kourayos, “Despotiko Excavation and Restoration Project: Twenty-Five Years in the Making”
A. Alexandridou, “Life on the Islet of Despotiko in the Early Iron Age: Moving away from the Sacred-Profane Polarity”
P. Johnson, “Dissolution or Collapse? The Early Iron Age in the Western Borderlands of the Hittite Empire”
R. Phillips, “Affective Gold: Exploring Materiality in Early Mycenaean Burials”
V. Tsikritea, “Shaping Offerings: Technology and Craft of Early Iron Age Terracotta Figurines from the Sanctuary on Mt. Juktas, Crete”
S. C. Murray, M. McHugh, M. Clinton, R. Stephan, G. Erny, J. Frankl, M. Godsey, E. Chreiazomenou, B. Lis, P. Sapirstein, and C. Pratt, “The Bays of East Attica Regional Survey: Results of the 2022 Season”
A. R. Knodell, D. Athanasoulis, J. F. Cherry, M. Giannakopoulou, E. Levine, D. Nenova, H. Öztürk, and Ž. Tankosić, “The Small Cycladic Islands Project 2022: An Archaeological Survey of Polyaigos and the Uninhabited Islets near Milos and Kimolos”
A. Dakouri-Hild, E. Andrikou, S. Davis, A. Agapiou, P. Bes, X. Charalambidou, M. Chidiroglou, T. Kinnaird, S. McGary, W. Rourk, K. Sarri, and A. Yangaki, “The Kotroni Archaeological Survey Project (KASP) at Ancient Afidna in Northern Attica: Results of the Second and Third Seasons (2021, 2022)”
A. Kotsonas, “Lyktos Archeological Project (Crete): First Results on the Archaeology of the Early Iron Age to Classical Periods”
M. J. Haagsma, S. Karapanou, G. Toufexis, M. Aiken, G. Canlas, C. M. Chykerda, E. Middleton, A. Wiznura, and A. Sanchez-Azofeifa, “The Central Achaia Phthiotis Survey (CAPS), results of the 2020-2022 seasons”
D. Scahill, “The Aigeira Archaeological Project: Preliminary Results on the Architectural Landscape at Aigeira in the Northern Peloponnese”
S. German and A. Simandiraki-Grimshaw (organizers); B. Burke, S. Lupack, J. McEnroe, J. E. Morrison, C. Murphy, and S. M. Valamoti-Kapetanaki (panelists): Outside the Network: Non-Elites and ‘Other’ in the Aegean Bronze Age (workshop)
S. C. Murray, M. McHugh, M. Clinton, R. Stephan, G. Erny, J. Frankl, M. Godsey, E. Chreiazomenou, B. Lis, P. Sapirstein, and C. Pratt, “The Bays of East Attica Regional Survey: Results of the 2022 Season”
S. L. Hilker, “Localized Habitation Mobility in Mycenaean Greece”
J. R. Baxley Craig, “A Preliminary Spatial and Contextual Analysis of Ground Stone Tools from House A at Ayia Irini, Kea”
M. C. Harder and K. Mallinson, “The Topography of Non-Cretan Peak Sanctuaries: New Perspectives on Minoan-like Cult Sites”
E. Fuller, “The Power of the Liminal: A Reassessment of the Relationship Between Kommos and Phaistos in the Protopalatial Period”
G. Paglione, “Building Roads in the Kingdom of Nestor? Some Thoughts on the Role of to-ko-do-mo in PY An 35”
L. Kvapil, “Warriors Across the Divide at LBA Aidonia”
G. Price, “Keeping it in the Family: Relatedness and Mortuary Trends Among the Interred at Aidonia”
S. Cushman and E. Keyser, “Small Finds in Situ: A Contextual and Diachronic Analysis of Grave Assemblages at Aidonia”
B. Gillespie, C. Hall, and D. Sakkas, “Ritual, Iconography, and Identity: Object Case Studies from the Aidonia Tombs”
D. Wheeler, “(Re)Performance and the Mycenaean Funeral: A Case Study from Aidonia”
S. Kimmey, “What comes next? Aidonia after the Bronze Age”
A. Van de Moortel, “Life and Death in Prepalatial Elite Building H at Mitrou, Central Greece”
J. Meier, T. Lynn, and K. Shelton, “The Catalog of Sheep(s): Faunal Records of Caprines at Petsas House, Mycenae”
O. A. Jones, “Small but Mighty: A Multifaceted Approach to Mycenaean Infant Burial Practices”
M. G. Clinton, “The Tombs of Mouliana Sellades: Architectural Influence and Cultural Syncretism in East Crete at the End of the Bronze Age”
A. M. Gaggioli, “Geoarchaeology and Soil Micromorphology Perspectives on Late Helladic Burial and Ritual at Eleon, Greece”
B. R. Jones, “The Kilts on the ‘Cupbearer’ and Men on the Procession Fresco from Knossos”
J. McInerney, ‘Pelasgians and Penestai: Class, Race, Ethnicity in Ancient Greece’
C. Zhang, “Remarks on Myc. ra-wa-ke-ta and Dor. λᾱγέτᾱς”


Social Groups and Production in Mycenaean Economies

On 24-25 February 2023 the Spring 2023 Langford Conference on Social Groups and Production in Mycenaean Economies will be sponsored by the Department of Classics at Florida State University. Further information is available from Daniel J. Pullen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The program will be:
N. Abell, “Crafting communities and constellations of practice: An exploration of production and exchange networks in the earlier LBA southern Aegean”
P. M. Day and E. Kardamaki, “Potting Communities during the Mycenaean Palatial Period”
A. Dill, “Craft Industries at Kalamianos”
J. Driessen, “A House Divided? Social structure before, during and after the Mycenaean administration at Knossos”
M. L. Galaty and W. A. Parkinson, “Not a Great Kingdom: Mycenaean Economic Variation as a Measure of Nonintegration”
S. C. Murray, “Mycenaean Economic Institutions, Expensive Exchange, and the Theory of the Firm”
D. Nakassis, “Reading between the lines: textual evidence for socioeconomic organization in the Mycenaean world”
K. Shelton, “Petsas House: potters, the workshop, and ceramic production in Mycenae’s society and economy”
T. F. Tartaron, “Social Groups in the Mycenaean Maritime Economy”
S. Voutsaki, “Kinship and the roots of inequality in pre-palatial Laconia”

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