CAA 2022

On 8-11 August 2022 the Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA 2022): iNside iNformation was held in hybrid format in Oxford, England. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:
A. Avgousti, G. Papaioannou, N. Bakirtzis, and F. Ribeiro Gouveia, “CyprusArk: A multi-institutional content management system for small museums collections online”
K. Crawford, G. Artopoulos, and I. Romanowska, “Simulating the networks of cities in the Eastern Mediterranean”
D. Daems, “Conceptual and computational modelling of social complexity and urban networks in Anatolia”
C. Reepmeyer, T. Moutsiou, C. McCartney, S. Demesticha, V. Kassianidou, L. Bitsakaki, P. Kyriakidis, and D. Bar-Yosef, “SaRoCy: Delineating probable Sea Routes between Cyprus and its surrounding coastal areas at the start of the Holocene: discussing the archaeological evidence”
G. Leventis, P. Kyriakidis, A. Nikolaidis, C. Panagiotou, E. Akylas, C. Michailides, T. Moutsiou, C. Reepmeyer, S. Demesticha, V. Kassianidou, Z. Zomeni, D. E Bar-Yosef, and Y. Makovsky, “Drift-induced versus directed-paddling-induced potential connectivity between Cyprus and its surrounding coastal areas at the onset of the Holocene”

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