Illuminating Mediterranean Antiquity through Comparative History

On 4 March 2022 abstracts (300-500 words) and short biographies are due for a conference entitled Illuminating Mediterranean Antiquity through Comparative History: Theorising ‘Soft’ Approaches, to be held online on 20-21 July. Further information is available at Potential topics for comparative illumination:
• Colonial/imperial activities
• Relationships between humans and the natural world
• Indigenous conceptions of history
• Role of family, sex, gender
• Military history
• Religious belief, ritual, institutions
• Political rhetoric and institutions


CAA 2022

On 21 March 2022 abstracts for papers and posters are due for the Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA 2022): iNside iNformation, to be held on 8-11 August 2022 in Oxford, England, projected in hybrid format. Extended abstracts (1000 words maximum plus 3 citations) are required for papers submitted to standard and other sessions; abstracts (200-500 words, plus 3 citations) are required for posters. On 21 March 2022 nominations of participants in round tables are also due from their organisers. The call for workshops will be announced separately. Further information is available at


AIA 2023

On 27 March 2022 (10 April with a late fee) submissions for colloquia, workshops and open-session papers and posters needing an early decision to acquire a visa or obtain funding are due for the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA 2023), to be held in New Orleans, LA from 5-8 January 2023. On 7 August 2023 (21 August with a late fee) submissions are due for all other workshops, open session papers and posters, and any provisionally accepted colloquia that are resubmitting. On 15 November 2022 submissions are due for Lightning Sessions and Roundtables. Submission forms and further information are available at


Necropoleis Research Network

On 30 March 2022 titles, abstracts (ca. 300 words), and short cvs (200 words maximum) are due for the Necropoleis Research Network 5th Annual Meeting, to be held on 12-13 October 2022 at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Further information is available at The themes of the conference are:
• The study of cremations
o The rite of cremation
o The technology of cremation
o Bioarchaeological analysis of cremated human remains
o Regional variation and change through time in the practice of cremation
o Cremation and its social, economic and cultural dimensions
o Funerary rituals and ideologies of fire
o Terminology, interpretation and reconstruction of cremation burials
• New methods in mortuary archaeology, with an emphasis on bioarchaeological or digital methods
• Recent finds of important new discoveries.


ScapeCon 2022

On 31 March 2022 abstracts (300 words maximum) are due for the 5th international postgraduate and early career scholars’ conference in Aegean archaeology ScapeCon 2022. No (e)scape from bits and pieces: Towards an archaeology of fragmentation in the Aegean Bronze Age — · People · Material Culture · Data, to be held on 24-27 November 2022 in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Further information and application forms are available at

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