On 8-11 June 2021 the 6th Landscape Archaeology Conference (LAC2020+1) will be held in Madrid. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:
E. Charisopoulou, “Mapping as a tool for cultural management: The example of Corfu, Greece”
E. Koparal, “Agricultural Terraces of Historic Landscapes in Urla-Çesme Peninsula (Izmir Turkey)”
A. Landskron, “Anatolia from the Chalcolithic to the Iron Age: A Study of Human-Environment Dynamics”
B. Arikan, “Agent-based Land-use Modeling of Early Bronze Age Agropastoralism and Its Environmental Impacts in Different Regions of Anatolia”
G. Guillaume, “The Minoan caves, an anthropized natural space”
M. Milán Quiñones de León, “Landscape and territory of Minoan palaces”


Old textiles – more possibilities

On 14-18 June 2021 a conference entitled Old textiles – more possibilities will be held in hybrid format both online and in person in Copenhagen (CEST). Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:
A. Ulanowska, “Textiles and Seals. New evidence for textile production in Bronze Age Greece from seals and clay sealings”
A. Iancu, “The ancient clay spools of Peloponnese. Questioning their function through their features”
M. Siennicka, “Landscapes of the Aegean prehistoric textile production: challenges and possibilities”
S. Vakirtzi, “Textile ethnographies in Greece and Aegean textiles research”
C. Margariti, F. Coletti, S. Spantidaki, A. Ciccola, I. Serafini, A. Nucara, and M. P. Caggia, “The potential of FTIR in the identification of excavated textile fibres”
B. Burke and B. Dimova, “Dressing the dead: early wool in Mycenaean Greece”
J. Marks, “Making the invisible visible: a case for the application of ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology in the study of Minoan dress on Crete during the Aegean Bronze Age”
L. Mazow, “Identifying the weaving contest between Athena and Arachne on the wall of a weaving workshop at Mycenae”
R. Pierini, “Colouring Techniques and Mycenaean Chronology: A Case Study from the Knossos Tablets”
K. Sarri, “Who wore the Pants in the Neolithic? A Survey on the Beginnings of Women’s Trousers in Prehistory”


Sympozjum Egejskie. 8th Conference in Aegean Archaeology

On 24-25 June 2021 the Sympozjum Egejskie. 8th Conference in Aegean Archaeology will be held both in person and online (CEST) at the University of Warsaw (Poland). Further information is available at The program was:
V. Martin, “The Metal “Ring-Idols”: a Material Approach to Metalworking during the Aegean Neolithic”
M. Figuera, “Repair, Reuse, Recycling: a Stake from Ayia Triada (Crete)”
P. Kapsali, “Exploring the Social Dimensions of Middle Bronze Age Pottery through Firing Technology”
F. M. C. Toscano, “Textile Production as an Indicator of Social Change: a Perspective from Bronze Age to Iron Age at Phaistos”
A. Christopoulou, B. Gmińska-Nowak, Y. Özarslan, N. Karadimas, J. Moody, and T. Ważny, “Dendrochronology and the Informative Potential of Charcoal Remains from Archaeological Sites in the East Aegean”
A. Nafplioti, “Life and Death at Early Neolithic Katsambas on Crete: a Bioarchaeological Perspective”
C. Vergidou, C. Henkel, A. Karligkioti, and K. Tsirsti, “Archaeological Science Biases: Reflections on the Aegean Bioarchaeological Record”
A. Allshouse, P. W. Stockhammer, and C. Warinner, “Differentiated Cuisines: a Meta-Analysis of Dietary Stable Isotopes in the Bronze Age Aegean”
K. Shelton, “Accessing Mycenaean Cult: Inside and Outside the Palatial Context”
J. Sienkiewicz, “Le Creuset of the Late Bronze Age? Kraters in the South-East Aegean”
I. Vrettou, “The Presence of Shells as an Indicator of Child Burials in Mycenaean Chamber Tombs from Glyka Nera, Attica”
M. Mangum, “Archaic Identity and Bronze Age Antecedents: Case Study Oisyme”
Z. Vasileva, “Jewellery Always Fits. An Inquiry into the Development of and Wearing Styles for 3rd Millennium BC Metal Hair-Rings”
E. Salgarella and R. Pierini, “Off the Top of Minoans’ Heads. Comparing Minoan Figurines and Linear A Signs 508-511”
J. Binnberg, “Naturalism in Aegean Bird Depictions”
A. M. Vergaki, “Storage Determines Design: the Impact of Storage Necessities on the Formation of NeoPalatial Architectural Modularities. The Example of the Minoan Hall”
R. Webb, “An Archaeological Perspective on Food Storage on the Mycenaean Mainland (13th – 12th Centuries BC)”
C. V. Alonso-Moreno, “Water Management at Mycenaean Pylos”
A. Querci and C. Caleo, “‘Αἰ δ’ἀγέροντο ψυχαὶ ὑπὲξ Ἐρέβευς νεκύων κατατεθνειώτων’. A Few Thoughts on an Enigmatic Larnax from Tanagra”
M. Wesołowska, “Can Mycenaean Culture Provide a Key to Understanding Polish National Heritage? The Example of Galicia”
P. Minkov, “Early and Middle Bronze Age Zoomorphic Figurines and Depictions from Present Day Bulgarian Lands”
A. Mercogliano, “The Settlement of Trapeza (Eastern Achaea, Greece): an Insight into the Beginning of the Middle Helladic Period in Achaea”
J. Huber, “Late Bronze Age Pottery from Triphylia: Cretan and Mainland Connections”
A. Kourkoulakos, “The Nature of the Mycenaean Material Presence at Panaztepe”
The Cultural Practices of Bronze Age Aegean Societies as Evidenced by Chipped Stone Assemblages: the North/South Debate Revisited Georgios Stergiou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) 13:50-14:10
D. Papageorgiou, “Tracing the Distribution of ‘Philistine Hearths’: Type and Construction Methods through Space and Time”
P. Zeman and K. Dudlik, “A Tale of a Mycenaean Palatial Town: Towards a Narrative History of Late Bronze Age Mycenae”
J. Cano-Moreno, “A Political Anthropology for NeoPalatial Crete”
A. Belza, “Between Crete and the Mainland: from the NeoPalatial to the Mycenaean Cyclades”
K. Mallinson, “Was Naxos Peripheral in the Middle and Early Late Bronze Age? A Re-Examination of the Later Bronze Age Material on Naxos”
M. Koletsos, “The Case for Creative Crafting: Multi-Crafting in Metropolis Square (Grotta, Naxos)”
S. Spanos, “Koukounaries on Paros during the Mycenaean Period (Upper, Lower Plateau and the Temenos-Temple Area)”

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