AIA 2022

On 29 March (12 April with a late fee) submissions for colloquia, any joint AIA/SCS sessions, and any open-session submissions needing an early decision to acquire a visa or obtain funding are due for the 123rd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA 2022), to be held in San Francisco, CA on 7-10 January 2022. On 2 August 2021 (16 August with a late fee) submissions are due for workshops, other open session papers and posters, and any provisionally accepted colloquia that are resubmitting. On 15 November 2021 roundtable and lightning session submissions are due. Submission forms and further information are available at


Δ’ Διεθνές Κυκλαδολογικό Συνέδριο

On 31 March 2021 participation forms with abstracts (300 words maximum) for posters and oral presentations are due for the Δ’ Διεθνές Κυκλαδολογικό Συνέδριο — Κυκλάδες: Αειφορία Πολιτισμού/4th International Cycladological Conference — The Cyclades: Cultural Heritage - Sustainability, to be held on Tinos on 22-25 September 2021. Further information is available at The proposed themes of the conference sections are:
• Environment, Natural and Anthropogenic: geology, geoarchaeology, flora, fauna,
palaeoethnobotany, physical anthropology, nutrition, health, etc.
• Archaeology: new investigations in the Cyclades, conservation, restoration, heritage management of ancient sites, monuments and museums
• Architecture, Land Development, and Traditional Settlements
• History and Demographics, Society, Law: individual and collective behavior
• Philosophy, Literature, Intellectual Life, and the Arts
• Economy, Sustainable Development, Aephoria: resources and commercial networks
• Social Anthropology, Folk Culture,
• Special studies on Tinos


GAO 2021

On 5 April 2021 participation forms with abstracts (300 words maximum) for posters and papers are due from graduate students and early career researchers for the Graduate Archaeology at Oxford Conference (GAO 2021): Interactions, Trade, and Mobility in Archaeology, to be held online on 7-9 May 2021. Further information is available at

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