Past Lectures and Conferences

Keros Symposium

On 17 October 2013 a symposium was held at the Athens Archaeological Society entitled 1963-2013: 50 years of archaeological investigations on Keros. In addition to a presentation of the first volume of the results of the excavations on Dhaskalio by R. Barber, the program was:

M. Cosmopoulos, "Excavators of Keros C. Doumas, C. Renfrew, P. Zapheiropoulou, K. Tsakos, L. Marangou, O. Philaniotou, research from 1963-2013"

G. Gavalas, "Looting and systematic research on Keros"

P. Sotirakopoulou, "The ceramic of Dhaskalio from the excavations of 2006-2008: interpretation and matters of chronology"

M. Boyd, N. Brodie, and J. Wright, "Surface survey on the island of Keros in 2012-2013: initial discussion and results"

Cretan Landscape

On 18 October 2013 a round table discussion was held at the Institute of Classical Archaeology (Heidelberg University) entitled Reconstructing the Prehistoric Cretan Landscape: Perspectives, Problems and Prospects. The program was:

A. Sarris, "Geoinformation Technologies Applied in Prehistoric Crete"

D. Panagiotopoulos, "The Heidelberg Koumasa Project. Reconstructing a Marginal Mediterranean Landscape."

I. Rabenseifner, "Reconstructing landscape on Crete by geomorpholgical mapping based on GeoEye data"

B. Höfle, "Geospatial Analysis of Topographic Features on Multiple Scales: A Multi-Sensor 3D Approach"

C. Siatr, "Beyond Topography: Fusion of surface and subsurface geodata as a new approach to paleoenvironmental reconstruction."

K. Athanasaki, "Combining multiple layers of information in the reconstruction of prehistoric Cretan Landscape. A case study."

E. Paliou, "Geographic networks and cultural dynamics in Bronze Age Crete"

A. Zipf, "Towards web-based GIS analysis for archaeology"

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