Neolithic Seminar

On 8-9 November 2013 the 20th Neolithic Seminar: The Transition to Farming in Eurasia: Changing Interpretative Paradigms was held at the Department of Archaeology, Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, Slovenia. All previous Neolithic Seminar proceedings are available in the periodical Documenta Prehistorica XXI-XXXIX ( Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:

M. Özdoğan, "A New Look to the Introduction of the Neolithic Way of Life. Changing Paradigms in the Expansion of Neolithic Way of Life"

K. Kotsakis, "From Waves of Advance to Networks: Changing Paradigms for the Expansion of the Neolithic in Europe"

A. Bunguri, "Different Models for the Neolithisation of Albania"

B. Weninger, R. Krauß, and L. Clare, "The Spread of Farming from Anatolia to Central Europe: Abrupt Neolithisation and Rapid Climate Change"

M. Budja, "Neolithic Pots and Potters in Europe: The End of 'Demic Diffusion'"

Ç. Çilingiroğlu and C. Çakırlar, "Unity vs Diversity in the Aegean Turkey During the 7-6th Millennia cal. BCE"

F. Gerritsen, "Continuing Transitions: Neolithic Habitation at Barcın Höyük, Turkey"

B. Horejs, "The Role of the Coastal Zone in 7th Millennium BC: A Model of Early Farming Villages in the Izmir Region"

M. Gurova and C. Bonsall, "Pre-Neolithic in Bulgarian Perspective: Absence vs. Evidence?"

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