On 1-2 March 2013 the international symposium Tradition and Innovation in the Mycenaean Palatial Polities was held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, organized by the Department of Aegean and Mycenaean Studies, Institute of Mediterranean and Prehistoric Archaeology. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

V. Aravantinos, "Theban palatial administration: between tradition and innovation"

A. Batziou-Efstathiou, "The Mycenaean settlement at Pefkakia, Volos: the Iolkos harbour?"

J. Bennet, "Was there a Mycenaean culture?"

F. Blakolmer, "Was there a 'Mycenaean art'? Οr: tradition without innovation? Some examples of relief art"

B. Eder and R. Jung, "'Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno': the Mycenaean palace system"

E. Hallager, "Mycenaean administrative sealing practice – without heritage from the Minoans"

J. T. Killen, "Conservatism and innovation in the Linear B inscriptions on stirrup jars"

M.-L. Nosch, "Textile traditions and textile innovations"

F. Rougemont, "Tradition and innovation in Mycenaean administration: Mycenaean and contemporary Near Eastern administrative practices"

F. Ruppenstein, "Did the offices of Wanaks and Lawagetas exist even before the palaces?"

C. Shelmerdine, "Administrative developments at Iklaina"

A. Vasilogamvrou, "Remarks on the significance of the Mycenaean settlement of Ayios Vasileios at Xerocambi, Laconia, under the light of the recent finds"

J. Weilhartner, "Traditional and innovative ways of designing Linear B logograms"

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