On 1-3 March 2013 a posthumous conference and Festschrift in honor of the 100th birthday of J.R. Stewart entitled J.R.B. Stewart – an Archaeological Legacy was held by the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) in Nicosia, Cyprus. Further information is available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers included:

R. Merrillees, "Professor J.R.B. Stewart: Archaeologist, Numismatist and Soldier of Cyprus"

S. W. Manning, "The Beginnings of the Bronze Age on Cyprus: Chronology, Connections, Climate"

M. Dikomitou–Eliadou, "Interactive Communities at the Dawn of the Cypriot Bronze Age: Addressing Ceramic Variability during the Philia Phase using an Interdisciplinary Approach"

M. Mina, "Gateway Communities in Early and Middle Bronze Age Cyprus? Testing the Hypothesis and Exploring the Implications"

D. Knox, "Figurines and Figurative Vessels at Early Cypriot Bellapais Vounous"

J. M. Webb, "'The Mantle of Vasilia': Have Stewart's Views on the Centrality of the Copper Trade in Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus Stood the Test of Time?"

A. McCarthy, "Living with a Legacy of Death: Funerary vs Settlement Archaeology at the Multi-Period Site of Prastio Mesorotsos"

G. Georgiou, "1955–2013: The Necropolis of Nicosia Agia Paraskevi, 60 Years Later"

L. Bombardieri, "Development of Communal Work Strategies in Prehistoric Cyprus: The Evidence from Erimi Laonin tou Porakou (EC III–LC I)"

P. Flourentzos, "Discovery of Important Remains of the EC–MC Period at Paramali, Limassol District"

A. B. Knapp, "The Emergence of the State on Prehistoric Cyprus: Archaeological Theory and J.R.B. Stewart"

C. Kearns, "'On a clear day the Taurus mountains hang like a cloud': On Environmental Thought in Cypriot Archaeology"

L. Graham, "The Trouble with Typologies: Stewart's Pottery Classifications and Regional Styles"

A. South, "Moving into the World: A Region of Southern Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age"

G. Papantoniou, "The 'Cypriot Goddess' at the Transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age: A 'Cypro-Centric' Approach"

M. Artzy, "Stewart, Bichrome Ware, Tell el 'Ajjul and Cyprus"

K. Göransson, "The Field Records of James R. Stewart's Excavations at Vounous: Archival Material at the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm"

C. Davey, "James Stewart's Return to Australia and his Relationship with Walter Beasley"

C. Barker, "James Stewart as Nicholson Museum Curator (1954-1962)"

J. Powell, "Curating Memory – The Dorothy Evelyn Stewart Archive"

S. Swiny, "The Legacy of Eve and James Stewart at CAARI and in the Field of Cypriot Archaeometallurgical Studies"

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