Cycladic Seminars

The Archaeological Society at Athens has announced the following schedule of Cycladic Seminars for 2013, to take place in the small hall of the Archaeological Society's megaron (22 Panepistimiou St.) at 7 P.M. Further information is available at

14 January 2013: C. Renfrew, "The Early Cycladic settlement at Dhaskalio, Keros and the sanctuary at Kavos in the light of the 2006 to 2008 excavations: Deciphering a mystery"

2 April 2013: C. Televantou, "The Neolithic settlement at Strophilas, Andros: Expanding the horizons of Cycladic prehistory and iconography"

4 June 2013: C. Doumas, "Akrotiri, Thera: The first settlement"

26 November 2013: J. L. Davis, S. R. Stocker, and H. Brecoulaki, "Of ships - and sealing wax, fig trees - and kings: The Theran miniature frieze, the Pylos ship frieze, and power in the Mycenaean world"

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