On 26 January 2013 a symposium entitled Thera and Minoan Crete. New insights into two 'cultures of disaster' was held in Heidelberg. Further information is available at The program was:

M. Marthari, "From Cycladic to Minoanising: Cultural and social transformation in pre-eruption Thera as reflected in pottery and settlement patterns"

C. Doumas, "The role of Crete in the development of prehistoric Thera"

L. Platon, "The phase of the Theran volcanic destruction in Crete: some observations on the pottery types and motifs of the 'LMIA mature' phase, as it has been defined in selected Cretan sites"

G. Vougioukalakis, "The 'Minoan' eruption of Santorini volcano: onset, evolution and distal impacts"

U. Günkel-Maschek, "Images and their architectural settings before and after the eruption of Thera"

A. MacGillivray, "Thera and the Minoan renaissance at Palaikastro"

J. Driessen, "The 'Troubled Island' ... 15 years later"

D. Panagiotopoulos, "Aegean 'cultures of disaster'"

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