TAG 2012

On 17-19 December 2012 the 34th Annual Conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG 2012): Live Archaeology will be held in Liverpool. Further information is available at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:

K. Soar, "The clothes make the (wo)man: gender, performance and clothing in Minoan Crete"

D. M. Smith, "Complex Network Phenomena at the Final Neolithic-Early Helladic transition"

S. O'Brien "Problems of Identifying 'States' in the LBA Greek mainland"

I. Moutafi "Bones, Theory and Human Practices: a view from the Aegean"

C. A. Moreno, "Landscape and environmental management from a Postcollapse perspective: the case of Mycenaean Boeotia"

Μ. Georgiadis, "Cretan peak sanctuaries revisited: The case of Leska on Kythera"

AIA 2013

On 3-6 January 2013 the 114th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America will be held in Seattle, WA. Further information is available at the AIA website at Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers will include:

A. Stamos, C. Maggidis, and G. Tsokas, "Rediscovering Gla: The 2011 Geophysical and Mapping Survey of the Mycenaean Citadel"

C. Kearns, P. Gerard-Little, T. Urban, K. Fisher, and S. Manning, "A Tale of Two – Late Cypriot – Cities? Geophysical Approaches to Late Bronze Age Urbanism on Cyprus"

J. L. Davis, "Introduction: The Early Cycladic Gap: How and Why It Came to Be"

C. Broodbank, "Mind the 'Gap': about Change in Early Cycladic Island Societies from a Comparative Perspective Thinking"

D. J. Pullen, "Bridging the Gaps Among the Small Worlds of the EBA Aegean"

T. M. Brogan, "Re-examining Rutter's 'EC III Gap' from the Perspective of Crete: A Regional Approach to Relative Chronology, Networks, and Complexity in the Later Prepalatial Period"

O. Kouka, "Against the Gaps: The Early Bronze Age and the Beginnings of the Middle Bronze Age in the North and East Aegean/Western Anatolia"

M. H. Wiener, "Gaps, Destructions, and Migrations in the Bronze Age: Causes and Consequences"

W. D. Gilstrap, P. M. Day, V. Kilikoglou, N. S. Müller, E. Kardamaki, K. Kaza, Y. Lolos, C. Marabea, and A. Papadimitriou, "Production and Consumption of Late Mycenaean Pottery from Kanakia, Salamis, and Attica: an Integrated Analytical Approach"

P. M Day, K. Douni, A. Hein, V. Kilikoglou, M. Relaki, and O. Kakavoyianni, "Analyze That! Style and Composition in the Early Helladic II Ceramics from the Health Center Excavations at Koropi, Attica"

C. Burke Davies, P. M. Day, D. Pullen, J. Wiseman, A. Theodorou-Mavrommatidi, A. Kossyva, and A. Papadimitriou, "Crafting Choices: Early Helladic Ceramic Production and Consumption in Corinthia and the Argolid, Greece"

D. A. Trusty, "A Petrographic Study of Late Helladic Cooking Pots from the Corinthia"

E. Kiriatzi, W. Gauss, G. Klebinder-Gauss, M. Georgakopoulou, A. Pentedeka, B. Lis, M. Lindblom, and J. Morrison, "In and Out of the Stream: Investigating Cycles of Development and Recession of a Specialized Potting Center on Aegina"

G. Price, J. Krigbaum, and K. Shelton, "Bronze Age Economy: Isotopic Contributions to Resource Management at Petsas House"

R. H. Tykot, C. Leccese, K. Parker, G. Kamenov, K. Lafrenz Samuel, and C. Pulak, "Analysis of Ivory from the Uluburun Shipwreck and Late Bronze Age Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean"

P. Cook, "Spatial Distribution of Mycenaean (LH) Sites and Proximity to Arable Land in the Nemea Valley, Greece"

R. P. Shears and D. J. Fallu, "In Artifacts We Trust: Geological Forces and Their Effect on the Integrity of Geospatial Artifact Relationships at the Lower Town Excavation of Mycenae"

M. Galaty, L. Bejko, S. Galicki, Z Tafilica, and S. Deskaj, "The Projekti Arkeologjikë i Shkodrës (PASH), Interim Report, 2010-2012"

S. Lima, "Prehistory without Borders: Rethinking the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age in Southern Albania and Northern Greece"

M. G. Clinton, "Transitional Spaces in Pre- and Proto-Palatial Minoan Tomb Architecture"

E. M. Bonney, "Evidence for Regional Traditions in the Construction of the Tholoi on Prepalatial Crete"

D. Kringas, "Gournia Revisited: Study of the Ceramic Evidence from the early 20th Century H. Boyd Hawes Excavation at the Prehistoric Settlement of Gournia (East Crete)"

N. Becker, "The Golden Signet Rings of Minoan Crete: Form, Function, and Social Significance of a Bronze Age Prestige Object"

J. F. Leon, "Uncorralling the Economy: Crete through the Eyes of the Minoan Shepherd"

E. Galligan, "Early Helladic II Decorated Hearths: Function and Iconography"

M. Kramer-Hajos, "Ships and Chariots as Evidence for Ideological Manipulation during LH IIIA-B"

A. P. Chapin, "Internationalization in the Room of the Fresco at Mycenae"

R. D. Fitzsimons, "Laying the Foundations for Mycenaean State Formation: Late Helladic Tomb Construction as a Measure of Socio-Political Complexity in the Bronze Age Argolid"

S. C. Murray, "New Darkness on a Dark Age: Early Iron Age Greece by the Numbers"

C. Diogo de Souza, "Argive Geometric Pottery: some remarks on chronological issues from new funerary evidence"

L. Gagne, "New Kids on the Block: Identifying the Work of Novice Potters in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus"

K. Daly, S. Larson, A. Charami, P. Kalamara, and V. Aravantinos, "Excavation in Thebes, Boiotia, Greece: Results of Work On and Near the Ismenion Hill 2011-2012"

B. Burke, B. Burns, and A. Charami, "Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project 2012: Excavations at Ancient Eleon"

A. Van de Moortel and P. Karkanas, "Micromorphological Analysis of Sediments at the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Site of Mitrou, East Lokris: Patterns of Floor Construction and Maintenance"

R. Storli and Z. Tankosic, "The Norwegian Archaeological Survey in the Karystia (NASK): Preliminary Results of the First Field Season (2012)"

L. A. Kvapil, "Terraces and the Organization of Agricultural Production at Late Bronze Age Korphos-Kalamianos"

J. Gulizioj, "A Preliminary Examination of the Miniature Vessels from the Bronze Age Site of Iklaina"

J. Hruby and J. Glaubius, "Mud, from Huts to Palaces"

P. Karkanas, F. Berna, W. Gauss, and D. Fallu, "Microstratigraphic study of a Middle Bronze Age updraft pottery kiln, Kolonna site, Aegina Island, Greece"

G. Tsartsidou, "Flora and people at the Palaeolithic cave of Theopetra, Thessaly, Greece"

H. Tomas, "Voices behind Linear A tablets"

R. A. K. Smith, "Two New Neopalatial Pottery Deposits from the Minoan Palace at Gournia"

K. Chalikias and Y. Papadatos, "Exploring Mountainscapes: The Rediscovery and Excavation of a Neopalatial Rural Building Complex at the Site of Gaidourophas, Ierapetra, East Crete"

C. Knappett, A. Livarda, H. Orengo, N. Momigliano, and C. Bank, "Palaikastro: Palace, Town, and Landscape in Bronze Age East Crete"

J. S. Soles and C. Davaras, "2012 Greek-American Excavation at Mochlos, Crete"

J. Driessen, "The Incentives of Minoan Urbanism"

Y. Rowan, "Evidence for South Levantine Long Distance Interactions During the Fourth Millennium B.C."

E. Braun, "Egyptians, Argonauts of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Fourth Millennium?"

T. Carter, "Of Hunters, Drinkers, Knappers, and Jewellers: Common Traditions in the Fourth Millennium B.C."

K. Nowicki, "Crete in the Second Half of the Fourth Millennium B.C.: The End or the Beginning?"

J. D. Muhly, "Eastern Mediterranean Metallurgy in the Final Neolithic/Late Chalcolithic: Crete Enters the International World"

S. Todaro, "The Destruction of Phaistos III and the Beginning of the Early Minoan Culture in Southern Crete: New Data for an Old Problem"

R. B. Koehl, "Migrations to Crete in the Fourth Millennium: the Case for the Ghassulians"

G. Artin, "The Fourth Millennium B.C. in Northern Levant: Commercial and Cultural Exchanges"

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