On 14-17 November 2012 the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR 2012) will take place in Chicago, IL. Contact and registration information, and a full program and abstract book are available at Papers of interest to Nestor readers will include:

A. Simmons and K. DiBenedetto, "Early Island Life in Cyprus"

M. Spigelman, "Who is Your Mother's Brother? Kinship, Life and Death in Cypriot Villages of the Bronze Age"

L. Gagné, "Learning to Make White Painted Ware in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus"

P. Hristova, "Identity Constructs, Compound Objects, and Bestowal of Present and Future Prosperity: Interpreting Balkan-Cypriot Long-Eared and Multiple Pierced Figures"

J. Cannon, "Anatolian Trans-Aegean Movements in the Bronze Age"

S. Ferrara, "Cypro-Minoan Inscriptions: Between the Linear and Cuneiform Writing Traditions"

A. Faust, "Shifting the Balance: Judah and Philistia during the Iron Age"

A. B. Knapp, "Identity Crisis: The Hellenization of Cyprus?"

A. Chapin, "Internationalization and Identity in the Room of the Fresco at Mycenae"

D. Lightbody, "The Hybridized Tree of Life: Symbols in an Iron Age Cypriot Cultic Topography"

A. M. Maeir, "The Excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath: An Update for the 2012 Season"

P. Pitkannen, "Philistine Influence on Israelite Ethnicity"

E. F. Maher, "Iron Age Fauna from Early and Late Philistine Occupations at Qubur al-Walayda"

J. Verduci, "Adornment as Cultural Discourse: Personal Display in the Southern Levant"

E. L. Welch, "Conquered Land or Consigned Land? Reconsidering Hezekiah's Victory Over the Philistines in 2 Kings 18:8"

J. R. Chadwick, "Philistine Gath: Brick and Chalk, Desolation and Earthquake – Insights Into Construction and Destruction Dynamics From Iron Age IIA at Tell es-Safi"

C. Ehrlich, "An Anthropology of Philistine Inscriptions"

D. Fulton and P. Wapnish, "A Zooarchaeological Investigation of the Iron I Philistines at Ashkelon"

J. Verstraete, "Aegean-like Pottery in the Amuq Valley (Turkey) as an Expression of Cultural Identity"

E. Bonney, "Making Memories in Early Bronze Age Crete"

C. Bergoffen, "Cypriot Pottery in Egyptianizing Tombs at Tell el Ajjul: Status Markers or Equipment for the Afterlife?"

P. F Biehl, I. Franz, D. Orton, S. Ostaptchouk, J. Rogasch, and E. Rosenstock, "Times of Change: The West Mound at Çatalhöyük at 6,000 B.C."

Z. Chovanec, "Examining Products of Prestige in Bronze Age Cyprus: Preliminary Results and Anthropological Implications of Residue Analysis Research"

J. Emanuel, "Egypt, the 'Sea Peoples,' and the Brailed Sail: Technological Transference in the Early Ramesside Period?"

K. D. Fisher, S. W. Manning, and M. Rogers, "The Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project, Cyprus: The 2012 Season"

D. Master, "Online Publication of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon Using the OCHRE System"

R. King, P. Underhill, and D. Behar, "Y Chromosome Markers of Contemporary Populations in the Southern Levant: A Palimpsest of the Sea Peoples Migrations?"

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