Aegean Seminar in Zagreb

On 13 March 2012 T. Strasser delivered lectures to the University of Zagreb and the Aegean Seminar in Zagreb entitled "Crete before the Cretans: New Evidence for Very Old Mariners" and "'The Flotilla Fresco from Thera: A Pre-eruption Landscape." Further information is available from Helena Tomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mycenaean Seminar in Athens

On 29 March 2012 Β. Αραβαντινός spoke at the Mycenaean Seminar in Athens at the Central Building of the University of Athens (Panepistimiou 30) on "Θήβα στη Μυκηναϊκή Ανακτορική Εποχή: Μύθοι και Πραγματικότητες."

Sacred Landscapes in the Peloponnese

On 30 March – 1 April 2012 the 3rd Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies International Conference: Sacred Landscapes in the Peloponnese from Prehistory to Post-Byzantine Times was held in Sparti. Further information is available at or from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Papers and posters of interest to Nestor readers included:

J. Wright, "Sacred Spaces in the Peloponnesos: theoretical and methodological considerations and the perspective of the longue durée"

E. Banou, "The Sacred Land- and Seascape of Kythera: The Minoan peak sanctuary at Ayios Yeoryios sto Vouno"

M. Georgiadis and A. Tsaravopoulos, "The Sacred Landscape at Mermygkari: A Minoan holy mountain on Kythera?"

C. Aamont, "Concepts of pollution and purity in the Peloponnese in Mycenaean times"

S. Farnham, "Pollution and purity in comparative perspective during the Early Iron Age: The Corinthia and the Argolid"

J. Hruby, "Feasting and Drinking in a Sacred Landscape? Ritualised consumption in the Bronze Age Messenian palace and chora"

K. Demakopoulou, "Evidence for cult practices at Midea"

J. Mätzschker, "The sacred landscape of Triphylia"

Σ. Βλίζος, "Κατά τα φαινόμενα αντιφατικά, κατ' ουσίαν συμπληρωματικά μνημεία: Σο Αμυκλαίο από τα προϊστορικά έως τα μεταβυζαντινά χρόνια"

B. Davis, A. Chapin, E. Banou, and L. Hitchcock, "The Sacred Landscape of Vapheio-Palaiopyrgi"

Ε. Σαλαβούρα, "Μυκηναϊκά ευρήματα σε αρκαδικά ιερά. Συνέχεια ή αναβίωση της λατρείας;"

K. Psimogiannou, "Places of memory in the Final Neolithic Peloponnese: An interpretive approach of social and mortuary practices"

S. Oikonomidis, "Through the eyes of the idols: Cults of the image and preconceptions in LN and EH Peloponnesian finds"

V. Vlachou, "Aspects of ritual performance during the Early Iron Age in the sanctuary of Apollo at Amyclae: The evidence of the pottery"

A. Leriou, "Locating cultural identities in LBA Peloponnese: An introduction"

A. Tsaravopoulos and C. Gallou, "Contextualising the religious landscape of Kythera from the Geometric to the Roman times"

A.-L. Schallin, "Mycenaean identities and ceremonies at Dendra and Midea in the Argolid"

G. Fragou, "A Minoan peak sanctuary at Vigla, Kythera. Preliminary survey"

Γ. Φακάρου, "Σήμανση του ιερού στοιχείου μέσα από το φυσικό τοπίο στα μυκηναϊκά ιερά της Πελοποννήσου"

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