Papyrology is the study of ancient texts that survive on papyrus (and a few other perishable writing materials) from Egypt and occasionally from elsewhere. The texts can be literary or documentary and are most commonly written in a form of Egyptian or in Greek or Arabic. The following links provide various introductions to papyrology.

The Century of Papyrology

A paper given at the papyrological congress in Copenhagen in 1992. The “century” ran from 1892 to 1992. By now we have entered the millennium of papyrology – it will take another 1,000 years to publish all papyri so far retrieved from archaeological sites in Egypt (with more coming to light every year).

Our introductory print bibliography of introductions to papyrology and sample text editions and studies

More developed bibliography on papyrological publications (in French)

Introductory bibliography on Greek literary papyri

Brief introduction to dating New Testament manuscripts

Homepage of the American Society of Papyrologists

Homepage of the Association Internationale de Papyrologues

Comprehensive list of electronic resources (in Italian)

Full listing of text editions and their sigla

Our summary of editorial conventions

Our two sets of “Ten commandments” for preparing and for using editions of papyri

Date Converter for Ancient Egypt

Our uncensored list of weights, measures and money

Bibliography on Greek words, many of which occur in Greek papyrus documents in an unusual sense

Our selection of the most important electronic databases:

Most Greek and Latin papyrus documents published until 1996 are available on the PHI CD-ROM #7 in fully searchable form (depending on the search program)

All Greek and Latin papyrus documents published from 1996 are indexed (as a downloadable file)

Greek and Latin papyrus documents published until ca. 2004 are searchable online.

Greek and Latin inscriptions from Egypt and Nubia are searchable online

Registers of texts (rather than the texts themselves):

Registers of documentary and literary papyri from Egypt, papyrus archives and collections

Another database of literary papyri from Egypt

Database of predominantly American papyrus collections

Other databases:


Gazetteer of villages in the Arsinoite nome

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