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Original documents from Ancient Alexandria! Wish it were true? It is true.

On this web site we at UC present a work in progress: a translation with introduction and notes of all documents from ancient Alexandria that survive on papyrus. There are hundreds such documents – even thousands. Just imagine a stack of such texts from ancient Rome or Athens – the whole world would be all over it! A similar project was undertaken for the documents found on the island of Elephantine in southernmost Egypt (B. Porten ed., The Elephantine Papyri in English, 1996), so why not for Alexandria on the other, Mediterranean, end?

Recent archaeological work in Alexandria and its harbor have created a lot of interest among those who cannot be expected to know about, let alone read, original Greek documents. They will want to bookmark this page.



Our general bibliography on ancient Alexandria

Bibliography on literature and sciences in Alexandria

Websites of two archaeological teams working in Alexandria and its harbor:

The team headed by J.-Y. Empereur

The team headed by F. Goddio

Other useful websites about ancient Alexandria:

From a modern Egyptian perspective

From a modern Greek perspective

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A translation of all documents from ancient Alexandria

that survive

on papyrus.

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