Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia):
Sebastian Heath and Billur Tekkök, Editors
Oven Use (K/L16/17.0118)
Please note that this is a public draft of work in progress
1. Çandarli Loeschke Form 19/Hayes Form 3 Flanged Bowl Rim
P. H. .031. Est. diam. rim .20 (<1/12 preserved).
K/L16/17.0118:5. Single sherd. Compact red (2.5YR 6/6) fabric with frequent tiny light, elongated inclusions. The red (near 10R 5/8) slip is evenly applied on all extant surfaces. Broad smoothing bands on both interior and exterior.
2. Candarli Loeschke Form 26 Bowl Rim
K/L16/17.0118:4. Single sherd preserves <1/12 circumference of rim. P.H. .018, est. D. rim near .16 (rim damaged), Th. .004. Fine red (2.5YR 6/6) fabric with infrequent tiny dark and occasional light inclusions. Red (near 10R 5/8) slip is thickly applied to the interior and well smoothed. The exterior slip is thinner and carries thin brush marks. Large voids under rim.
3. Candarli Loeschke Form 26 Bowl Rim
K/L16/17.0118:6. Single sherd preserves 1/12 circumference of rim. P.H. .025, est. D. rim .16, Th. .025. Fine red (2.5YR 6/8) fabric with tiny white inclusions as well as some darker. Red (10R 5/8) slip is thick and smooth on interior, uneven and thinner on the exterior, also less well smoothed.
4. “Brown Slip” Sigillata Deep Bowl
P. H. .062. Est. diam. rim .31 (<1/3 preserved). Th. .0089.
K/L16/17.0118:1. Single rim sherd with body to below widest part, outer rim is chipped. Compact, hard brownish-red (2.5YR 6/8, lighter towards exterior) fabric with frequent angular white inclusions and some darker. The interior is coated with thick brown (2.5YR 5/8 below carination, darker above) slip, narrow smoothing bands on the interior. Exterior is ridged below the carination so that the dark brown (2.5YR 4/3) slip is absent from wear at each ridge’s peak.
5. Unclassified Sigillata (near ESC) Flanged Bowl Rim
K/L16/17.0118:10. P.H. .029, , Th. .004. Fine red (2.5YR 6/6) fabric with occasional rounded light inclusions and rare voids. Slip is browner than usual (2.5YR 4/8) and on the interior is relatively shiny, as is true of the outer rim above the flange. Below the flange the slip is thinner and less carefully smoothed. There is a shallow groove and the meeting of the outer face of the rim and flange.
6. Unclassified Sigillata (near ESC) Bowl Base
K/L16/17.0118:12. P.H. .016, D. bas. .037 (completely preserved), Th. .003. Single base sherd. Fine light brown (5YR 7/6) fabric with no visible inclusions but occasional large voids. Brownish-red (between 2.5YR 5/8 and 4/8) slip is thickly and smoothly applied to the interior. The exterior slip is thinner and less even with scratches visible on extant surfaces. Obviously related to ESC in form and appearance but distinguishable from the normally available productions on the basis of fabric and surface details.
7. Unclassified Thin-wall Cup/Jug Base
K/L16/17.0118:7. P.H. .009, est. D. bas. ~.05 (1/4 preserved), Th. wall .0025. Single base sherd. Fine dark red (2.5YR 5/6) fabric with frequent small angular white inclusions. There is occasional surface silver mica. The fabric color is slightly darker than normal for the clearly regional products. Surface near base is plain. A “gray zone” begins .0095 above bottom of vessel. The distinction between the lower red and upper gray is relatively sharp on this piece. Addtionally, the exterior surface is smoothed and does not show the usual scratches.
8. Unclassified Thin-wall Cup/Jug Base
K/L16/17.0118:8. P.H. .019, est. D. .04 (1/2 preserved), Th. .002. Single base sherd. Fine red (2.5YR 4/8) fabric with slight gray core at turn of wall into base where sherd is thickest. The usual small white angular inclusions are present. There is no “gray zone” but the exterior surface is scratched with voids. The base is less distinct than in other pieces and there is a slight offset/ridge on its underside.
9. Unclassified Thin-wall Cup/Jug Base
K/L16/17.0118:9. P.H. .011, est. D. bas .055 (1/4 preserved), Th. .002. Single base sherd. Fine red (2.5YR 5/8) fabric with the usual white, angular inclusions. No gray zone but exterior surface is scratched. Well defined base.
10. Unclassified Thin-wall Cup/Jug Base
K/L16/17.0118:11. P.H. .02, est. D. base .03 (1/4 preserved), Th. .002. Single base sherd. Fine red (2.5YR 5/8) fabric with usual white angular inclusions. No gray zone but exterior surface is scratched.
11. Unclassified Semi-Slipped Utilitarian Ware Bowl
K/L16/17.0118:13. P.H. .045, est. D. rim .24 (1/6 preserved), Th. wall .005. Single rim sherd. Fine brown (5YR 5/6) fabric with frequent white inclusions and occasional gold mica in fabric and on the surface. Thin red (10R 5/6) slip on all surfaces.
12. Unclassified Plainware Basin (Roman)
K/L16/17.0118:14. P.H. .024, D. rim not recoverable but in .25 to .30 range (<1/8 preserved, damaged), Th. .009. Single rim sherd. Slightly coarse brown (2.5YR 5/6) fabric with frequent small angular inclusions and occasional voids. Surface is coated and slightly darker than fabric.
13. Unclassified Cookpot, Upturned Rim
P. H. .055. Est. diam. rim .15 (1/10 preserved). Th. .0035.
K/L16/17.0118:3. Granular red (nearest 2.5YR 6/8) fabric with very frequent small angular and occasional larger, up to .001, elongated white inclusions. The exterior surface is a dull brown (2.5YR 6/4) whereas the interior is closer to the fabric. Gold mica is visible flattened on surface. The fabric is close to "sanded oxydized cookware", though the form is Phocaean. The firing is unusual for either source: brown and no gray surface.
14. Regional Sanded-Oxydized Cooking Ware Jug, trefoil rim
K/L16/17.0118:2. P.H. .021, Th. across handle .013. Single sherd with part of rim and handle. The compact fabric is darker than usual (2.5YR 4/3) but the inclusions are as expected, mostly angular light/lime bits. The surface is gray.
15. Regional Sanded-Oxydized Cooking Ware Jug Handle
K/L16/17.0118:19. P.L. .08, Th. across handle .02. Single handle. Red (10F 6/8) fabric with angular light and darker inclusions. Gray surface.
16. Gritty Gray Cookingware Flanged Casserole
P. H. .049. Est. diam. rim .026 (<1/10 preserved). Th. .006.
K/L16/17.0118:16. Single rim sherd to floor. The coarse fabric has a reddish-brown (2.5YR5/6) core, darker towards burned exterior. The interior surface is pink (10R 6/6). The outer wall is lightly ridged. Distinct ridge to hold lid.
17. Baking Dish
P. H. .05. Est. diam. rim .34 (1/10 preserved). Th. .011.
K/L16/17.0118:15. Single rim sherd. Coarse brown (2.5YR 6/8 and lighter) with very frequent inclusions ranging from angular quartz up to .002 in length to varied angular red, whitish, and darker bits. There is also gold mica, some visible on surface. The occasional voids are both elongated and rounded. The surface is otherwise coated and dull brown (5YR 6/4). Distinct ridge for holding lid.
Cf. Lüdorf 2006 P32-P48.